Rita Ora Joining The Voice

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Pop superstar Rita Ora today confirmed that she will join coaches Sir Tom Jones, Will.i.am and Ricky Wilson on the world famous spinning red chairs for the fourth series of The Voice on BBC One.

The coaches will all be heading to Salford in Manchester for the blind auditions next month ahead of a new series, which launches in January 2015.

In less than two years Rita Ora has shot to international stardom with four number one singles in the UK and a multi-million selling debut album. Her movie career also kicks off in 2015, with a featured role in the highly anticipated ‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’.

Rita will be joining the team and taking on The Voice. Speaking about her new role as a coach on The Voice, Rita Ora said: “So excited to be part of – and for my team to win – The Voice this series! Let’s have some fun will.i.am, Tom and Ricky! I’m really looking forward to the blind auditions – and spinning in my big red chair. EXCITED!!!!”

The fellow coaches who are now in their second series of working together are thrilled with today’s announcement of Rita Ora joining them for series four.

Sir Tom Jones said: “I’m really looking forward to coming back to The Voice for season four. Not only do I get to know and work with Rita, I can once again enjoy hearing and seeing the talent that comes from just about every corner of the UK. I respect and admire all those who have the guts and determination to get through each challenge that the show presents, so let’s see what happens in 2015!”

will.i.am said: “Season four of The Voice is going to be amazing! (Sir) Tom Jones is our rock, Ricky is awesome and it’s our pleasure to welcome the very talented Rita Ora. Rita is sweet, spicy and sassy – she’s going to be a great addition to the Coaches team.”

Ricky Wilson said: “I enjoyed spending last winter with The Voice, it’s definitely fun to be part of a show with a spinning chair. I hope Rita likes it too… I’m sure the audience will love her.”

Jermain Jackman Crowned Winner of The Voice

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Jermain Jackman was crowned winner of The Voice UK beating Sally Barker, Christina Marie and Jamie Johnson to win a recording deal with Universal Music.

When presenter Marvin Humes announced the result, Jermain, coached by will.i.am, was visibly shocked and overwhelmed.

Jermain Jackman said: “I want to thank Will for everything he has done for me over the course of the last few months, you have been the best coach ever. I want to thank God for all the opportunities that I’ve had. I want to thank all my family and friends. This is not just an achievement for me but an achievement for every single person round the world, especially in the UK, who has had a dream, worked hard for that dream and achieved that dream. I want you guys to know, work hard for that dream and you will achieve it.”

Who’s In The Voice Quarter Finals?

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the voice main

The first live show of The Voice UK kicked off in spectacular style as each Coach gave one of their acts a ‘fast pass’ straight through to next weekend’s live semi-finals and saw four acts leave the competition after receiving the lowest votes from the public.

The four artists to leave the competition were Iesher Haughton from Team Will, Rachael O’Connor from Team Kylie, Georgia Harrup from Team Tom and Emily Adams from Team Ricky.

will.i.am said to Iesher, “You came a long way, you were this shy little girl when you first joined the competition and I have seen you grow. Please don’t stop singing, please don’t stop, you are a bonafide star”.

Kylie said to Rachael, “It’s sad to lose anyone but Rachael is our little sweetheart, but I’m still with you, don’t worry about that, I am still right by your side.”

Georgia Harrup said of the experience, “I have come further than I ever imagined – thank you so much I am so glad that Bizzi has gone through, he is amazing. So, Team Tom all the way!”

Emily Adams said of the experience, “The past few months have been incredible – being next to Ricky and working alongside him has been amazing – he has been an incredible mentor.”

The semi-finalists are:

Team Will: Jermain Jackman (Fast Pass) and Sophie May Williams

Team Kylie: Jamie Johnson (Fast Pass) and Lee Glasson

Team Tom: Sally Barker (Fast Pass) and Bizzi Dixon

Team Ricky: Christina-Marie Wickens (Fast Pass) and Chris Royal

Simply Red-Faced as Hucknall Rejected By The Beeb

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Mick Hucknall has revealed that he tried to launch a talent show on the BBC, but the troubled broadcaster turned it down in favour of The Voice.

The Simply Red singer approached the BBC a year ago with a plan for finding “the next David Bowie, the next Freddie Mercury, the next Lennon and McCartney,? according to an interview with the Daily Express.

“They rejected it and went for The Voice instead, which to me was another version of the X Factor because it’s not about creative artists.?

Hucknall went on to call for the BBC to “devise a programme to find the next Elton or the next Mick Hucknall.?

Hucknall’s second studio album since leaving Simply Red, American Soul, is out on October 29th.

Applications For The Voice Series 2 Close in 10 Days

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It may seem like the Beeb’s expensive talent show has only just finished, but The Voice is already looking for people with a “genuinely fantastic voice” to star in 2013’s show.

If you think you have what it takes to be the next Tyler, Leanne or Jazz then you have until 28th July to get your application in.

“Whether you’re a solo artist or duo, if you think you have what it takes to send those four chairs spinning, we want to hear from you!” read a statement from Be On Screen.

To apply you must be 16 years of age or older on 31st August 2012 and have the right to live and work in the UK. Exactly where the Beeb stand on people with criminal records is unclear, but ITV couldn’t care less.

If you fancy your chances then register here..

The ‘Fix’ Factor And The Voice Branded “Disgraceful”

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It’s that time of year again, as the X Factor gears up for another year of dream-making and heart-breaking, “cool? celebrities speak out against the evil popstar-making-machine. This time it’s Graham Coxon of Blur with a Cowell-shaped Chip on his shoulder, branding The Voice and X Factor “disgraceful?.

“To get better at anything you have to practice a lot?, Coxon told The Independent.

“When I’m on my own in my front room with a guitar, there’s no one going to say to me, ‘That’s really great’ if I play some old rubbish,” he added. “I do believe in doing things right.

“Which is why The X Factor and The Voice are so disgraceful to me.?

The 90s Britpop band which carried Coxon to fame were recently honoured with an ‘Outstanding Contribution to Music? award at the Brits 2012. Since disbanding to pursue individual projects in 2003, the band members have reunited to perform at several festivals.

The 43-year-old went on to admit that his views may be a touch outdated.

“Perhaps I’m old-fashioned in that sense – that I believe you have to pay your dues. Being a musician is not something you can become overnight. It doesn’t just appear.”

Despite feeling a tad defensive over the like of Leona Lewis and Jo McElderry, it is difficult to deny that the star-making-machine has had its fair share of besmirching headlines since its inception.

The most recent – which has emerged before the show even comes to air – accuses the Saturday night talent show of fast-tracking better acts through the arduous audition process.

Reports in The Sun suggest that some singers were given a chance to “bypass the huge crowds” at open auditions. A source said: “It makes a mockery of the ordinary people. It’s unfair that they queue in the rain for hours and others get invited to cosy auditions. They’re encouraging established acts to use the show as a marketing tool.”

A spokesperson for The X-Factor attempting (and failing) to defend the show’s impeccable reputation pretty much admitted the crowd-fiddling. He/she said: “To ensure we find the best talent we have been exploring all avenues. All contestants are auditioned on merit and everyone has the same number of auditions.”

Come on though, that selective process is hardly a far cry from the cut-throat world of showbiz selection and rejection…is that such a bad thing?

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“I’m Ready For The X Factor Axe”, Says Louis Walsh

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Down and out?

After almost a decade on perhaps the most iconic Saturday night entertainment show of our time, Louis Walsh fears that this year may be his last on The X Factor.

According to reports by The Sun, the Irish music manager and coiner of terrible phrases feels sure that Cowell will eject him from the panel to make room for fresh talent.

Louis said: “I can’t believe it is my ninth year on X Factor. But I really don’t know if I’ll make it to ten.

“If I work hard, I’ll get the job. If not, Simon will let me go. It’s going to be hard work this year, really hard work. Simon will be cracking the whip.

“He makes the best shows but nobody is safe to stay. If I don’t make ten years I’ll have a lot on next year anyway.”

And by “a lot on”, Walsh is referring to an attempt to manage Shane Filan’s solo career post Westlife…that should keep him very busy indeed.

Oi Louis – how about a spot on The Voice? Danny is sure to be booted out before long and they will need another token Irish judge.

But there is little chance of Louis joining The Voice as a coach if he finds himself short of work.

“No way. It’s not great TV”, he told someone else. “It’s like Fame Academy all those years ago. The best thing about it is the revolving chairs.

“I hate The Voice“, he continued exercising visible restraint. “I think everyone thought The Voice UK would be like the US version, and it’s not. It’s dull and boring.”

If you’re reading this lowly internet blog Mr Cowell, we implore you not to deprive us of Louis next year. The world would never have seen such game-changing acts as Jedward or Wagner were it not for his unfailing belief in misguided ambition.

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Alesha Dixon Back With The Beeb

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The Judas Iscariot of the BBC aka Alesha Dixon, is set to make a prodigal return to the channel she abandoned last year.

Muddled bible stories aside, this is the news that Dixon will present a BBC dance show for “hip youngsters? competing to become her next Street Dance Stars.

Reprising her role of talent-hunting queen, Dixon will be scouring the streets for dance talent in the new CBBC series. After a number of trials and dance-related challeneges, the lucky winner will be walking away with “a money-cannot-buy-prize? – presumably this will exclude Alesha’s unswerving loyalty. Feel free to watch some clips from the show here.

Meanwhile, over on ITV, Alesha continues to sound her “blarp? of doom at unsuspecting dogs and stripping grannies. Last year, Dixon left her place on the Strictly Come Dancing panel to join Simon Cowell and the gang on Britain’s Got Talent.

Darcey Bussell has since been announced as her replacement.

After weeks of being downtrodden by the Beeb goliath, The Voice , Saturday’s episode of BGT managed to beat its rival show into rating submission, drawing an average of 9.4mn viewers in compared to the BBC’s 9.3mn. Whether this had anything to do with Alesha is up for debate. What it almost certainly had something to do with was this grinning organist:

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Britain’s Got Talent Snatches Ratings Crown From The Voice

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Big finish: Malakai received a standing ovation

Britain’s Got Talent finally managed to get one over on Saturday night rivals, The Voice UK, thanks to some last-minute editing from Simon Cowell.

Apparently some last minute tweaks from the sex pest light-entertainment genius apparently secured the talent show’s triumph over the BBC singing competition with BGT drawing in an average of 9.4mn viewers to The Voice’s 9.3mn.

The win may be a marginal one, but it represents ITV1’s first straight-forward ratings success against the BBC since both shows launched in competing slots back in March. Such was the ratings rivalry that BGT was forced to move into taking a later position in the schedule and yet was STILL outdone by the Beeb.

An ITV spokesperson said: “BGT is packed with thrills and spills, tears and laughter and we are delighted that it consistently continues to be such a firm favourite with viewers.” Nine-year-old Malakai’s performance prompted raptuourous applause from the studio audience and an outpouring of public support on Twitter. If you missed it  – get the lowdown here.

Meanwhile, The Voice has now moved into the “live rounds?, where contestants sing for survival from the audience and ultimately rely on the affection of their respective mentors to live on.

This week saw Samuel Buttery (Team Tom) and Sophie Griffith (Team Will) cruelly rebuffed in a tearful results show on Sunday night. Even Tom Jones was seen swallowing VERY hard and attempting to control his quivering upper lip.

Dermot O’Leary, of The X Factor – another of Cowell’s brainchildren – has recently questioned the show’s supposedly “less harsh? approach to mentoring: “Everyone who goes on those shows does so to be judged and maybe an even harsher critique is someone not turning around.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he added: “The most important thing is to have fun on the shows. And just because auditionees are a bit strange, it doesn’t mean they are not good.

“I like the fact we are about the package. I like that we get acts like Johnny Robinson who look ridiculous, but it doesn’t mean they can’t sing,’ he added.

Meanwhile Black Eyed Peas star and Voice mentor, Will.i.am has insisted that both Saturday night shows “need each other?.

“The rivalry is important,” he said. “They need each other… because the music industry needs these shows.”

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Sam Buttery and Sophie Griffin Voted Off The Voice

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Sam Buttery and Sophie Griffin became the first acts to be voted off The Voice tonight after they were given the boot by their coaches.

Sir Tom Jones decided to save Matt and Sueleen after Holly Willoughby revealed that of the Welsh legend’s team, they and Sam received the least votes from the public.

Meanwhile, after a rambling speech, Will.i.am elected to save Joelle rather than young Sophie Griffin. The Black Eyed Peas singer had been accused of spending very little time with his artists this week and reportedly communicated with them only over email from America. It has also been alleged that Joelle was forced to sing a song she had never heard before (‘I’m Going Down’ by Mary J Blige).

Yet (unsurprisingly) none of Will’s acts have complained about his jet-setting, with Tyler telling The Sun.. “He’ll be there when we really need him.”

“I never really never liked talent shows,” explained Will as he gave his verdict. “But this show is special because every single person actually sings really, really good. So I’m proud of being on the show.”

“This is the hardest thing because both you guys are amazing talents. Sophie, you’re special, you’ve learned so much,” he added. “It took me freakin’ ten years to learn what you learnt in two months. I promise you, me and Dante and Apl are going to be there for you whatever you need. But for the show, I’m gonna take Joelle.”

Beforehand, Jones had given Sam the boot in a surprise move. “They’re both great entertainers,” he said. “It’s very difficult because they’re so different. I can only judge it on last night’s performance, and I think I’m going to take Matt and Sueleen.”

Meanwhile Ruth Brown and Jaz Ellington have been installed as joint favourites at 5/2 to win with the bookies. Although we’re taking that with a pinch of salt, considering that only half the acts have performed so far..

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