Preview – Horizon: The Wildest Weather in the Universe

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Anyone following the recently problematic Schiaparelli probe will be all too aware of the dangers of space. But even if you did land on another heavenly body safely, there is going to be other problems, like the weather.

This new episode of Horizon looks at the extreme weather that occurs in the Solar System and beyond. Whether it is months-long sandstorms that cover all of Mars or putting up with Saturn’s rather showy precipitation – where it rains diamonds, we can see all kinds of wild weather.

You might even have to deal with supersonic-speed winds or clouds made out of lava, so the next time it is a bit nippy outside, remember it could be a lot worse.

Horizon: The Wildest Weather in the Universe is on BBC Two at 20.00 on Sunday.

Preview – Black Mirror, series 3

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Black Mirror, Series 3

Charlie Brooker has done it again with the release of the long-awaited third series of Black Mirror – a collection of “deliciously horrible, what if’s”. The first six episodes, released by Netflix, once again twist and play with our concepts of reality in this fast paced, technology driven world.

Not only toying with the possible idea that machines rule our world, the series delves into more complex ideas surrounding relationships, love, sex and the ever popular idea of living through social media platforms. Creating realities where ‘happiness’ is promised and teenage boys are spied upon in their bedrooms, the episodes also bring to light more pressing questions about modern age warfare and corruption.

Mackenzie Davis, Alex Lawther, Bryce Dallas Howard and Kelly MacDonald will all feature in the series and with a star studded writer’s panel – series 3 is sure to be just as contorted as its predecessors.

Black Mirror season 3 released to Netflix on October 21st

Watch the trailer here

Images: Netflix

Preview – The Apprentice

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The Apprentice

Did you actually watch this last week? Oh my days. The prize on offer is £250,000 worth of investment and partnership from a proven business leader, surely then the BBC could have come up with a more competent and worthy selection of candidates than those on show.

If you are hoping to pick up entrepreneurial tips from the way these bright young things go about their business forget about it.

Tonight, Lord Sugar sets the candidates a task in which they must design and manufacture their own brand of sweets, before heading to Brighton to sell them. Seaside, sun and sweets half the job is done for them, how could they possibly go wrong?

Tune in and find out which team savours the task and which is left sour faced.

The Apprentice is on BBC One Thursdays at 9pm

Preview: QI – Series N

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It was sad to see Stephen Fry leave QI at the end of Series M, but fans of the intellectual panel game have no need to worry with Sandi Toksvig in charge.

Although the host may have changed, the show’s format still remains the same, with the same range of fiendish questions to which there are quite interesting answers; Alan Davies is still here, trying to make sense of it all for everyone at home; and we once again have to tackle the terrifying gauntlet that is “General Ignorance”.

The first episode of the 14th series, covering everything interesting beginning with “N”, is on the subject of “Naming Names”, and features Romesh Ranganathan, Cariad Lloyd and Phill Jupitus. Look at the clip below to have a sneak peak of Toksvig in her new role.

QI is on BBC Two at 22.00 on Friday nights. The extended QI XL is on Sunday at 22.35.

Bake-Off the semis – but who will make the final?

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The Bake-Off contestants 2016

The semi-finals return tonight commencing the battle of French pastries. Yes, this week is patisserie week; the finalists will be decided based on their butter-bashing, pastry folding skills in order to create those delicate French treats we are all too familiar with.

As the competition steps up, so does the level of technical challenge, and week 9 raises the bar further still. Tonight, the bakers are put to the test with another of Paul’s complex bakes. This time – a yeast-based, chocolaty fruit topped cake. What could possibly go wrong?

The last chance to fight for a place in the finals – the bakers must create a mini-cake, show-stopping showstopper, where flavours, organisation and timings are the only things that stand in the way of that 2016 finalist mantle.

Great British Bake Off tonight at 8pm on BBC One

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Preview – Trump vs Clinton Live

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It has been an excoriating couple of weeks for Donald Trump and unless there is a negative revelation of biblical proportions made against Hillary Clinton in this debate, the Trump bandwagon, should by rights, pull onto the hard shoulder and turn off the engine.

There is no denying the effectiveness of some of Trump’s rhetoric, he identified early, like a good entrepreneur, the opportunity that traditional Republican and Democrat politicians had ignored. And, boy, has he milked it!

His has been a campaign full of negativity and the belittling of opponents and people who don’t share his view, and it is troubling that for the balance of the past two years his inflammatory speeches and non-deliverable promises have won him the Republican party nomination and put him within 2 weeks of securing the White House.

It is fitting that he appears to be coming unstuck as a result of his own ego, impolitic behaviour and a disastrous decision to try to physically intimidate Clinton in the second debate. However, you can never say never where Trump is concerned, his diatribe against the establishment and the biased media has convinced four in ten Americans to believe that the election is fixed anyway(Politico/Morning Consult).

Tune into this engrossing soap and just hope that it doesn’t go off script.
Trump vs Clinton Live will be shown on C4, BBC News24 and Sky News at 1.30am

Preview: Crazyhead

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New from E4, Crazyhead is the latest supernatural comedy drama from the creator of superhero comedy Misfits.

Crazyhead follows Amy (Downton Abbey’s Cara Theobald), a woman working in a bowling alley, who learns that her best friend is possessed by a demon. Fortunately she has help in the form of Raquel (Chewing Gum’s Susan Wokoma), a violent, temperamental, impulsive self-made demon hunter. Armed with nothing except a baton and Wikipedia, together they begin a new path – exorcism.

Given creator Howard Overman’s previous success with Misfits, this new series looks like it may become another cult hit.

Crazyhead is on E4 tonight at 21.00.

Preview – Ordinary Lies

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Con O'Neill

The second series of Ordinary Lies hits BBC One tonight with Con O’Neill taking centre stage as Joe, the ebullient, likeable sales manager at the call centre and warehouse of sports sales company, Coopers, whose professional and personal life is thrown into flux by his own obsessive behaviour. Tonight’s ensemble piece tells the not unfamiliar story of how mental anxiety and misunderstanding has a corrosive effect on relationships.

After being sent home early from work after an injury, Joe finds wife Belinda acting strangely and rather than discussing his concerns, he puts two and two together and comes up with an answer that feeds his paranoia.

Suspecting that Bel is having an affair, he installs cameras in the house but his search for truth only causes him to make more rash judgements and put his family life and his job security at risk.

Ordinary Lies is on BBC One Tuesdays at 9pm


Preview- Who’s Spending Britain’s Billions?

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Jacques Peretti

With the continuing post-Brexit questions about Britain’s spending habits, Jacques Peretti, in this one-off documentary, looks beyond the budgets we are all too familiar with – choosing to investigate some public sector budgets that, unsurprisingly, haven’t made front page news.

Peretti raises questions about the millions in taxpayer cash that is disappearing into opaque deals and contracts on projects ranging from virtual receptionists to spying on late-night dog walkers with night-vision goggles.

With this revealing insight Peretti questions whether the public should remain in the dark or if they deserve to know who is spending Britain’s money and why.

Who’s Spending Britain’s Billions? Broadcast 18 October at 8pm, BBC Two.

Preview – Aberfan: The Fight for Justice

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This Friday marks the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster, when a coal colliery spoil tip collapsed killing 144 locals, 116 of whom where children.

In one of many programmes this week covering the anniversary, The Fight for Justice, presented by Huw Edwards, looks at the local’s battle for justice, detailing and re-enacting a tribunal that took place soon after the disaster occurred. It examined whether the disaster could have been prevented or if it was just a terrible accident, and looks at the aftermath that followed.

As well as The Fight for Justice the BBC is also broadcasting other programmes about Aberfan, mainly just for Wales but which will also be shown on BBC Four and accessible on the BBC iPlayer. These include documentary Surviving Aberfan and film poem Aberfan: The Green Hollow.

Aberfan: The Fight for Justice is on BBC One at 22.45.

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