Strictly Come Dancing: Opening Night Review

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks, you’ll no doubt be aware that Strictly Come Dancing waltzes back onto our screens this Saturday night, with the celebrity talent show already celebrating its tenth birthday already. How time has flown, I mean tangoed….

The line-up for this year was announced earlier last week, featuring celebrities from a wide-range of backgrounds, including Olympic athletes, soap stars, musicians and Johnny Ball, who at the tender age of 74 is the show’s oldest competitor.

While normally filmed live, Strictly’s first show in the series was pre-filmed, enabling the celebrities to fit in as much dance training as possible. And a few of them may need it, if Saturday is anything to go by, with the evening being a mixed bag for both cast and production.

Brucie was in a fiery mood, and certainly got the spirits of the crowd up, some of whom had been queuing to get in since 9am. His jokes were on-form too, and at the ripe old age of 82 the old crooner in my opinion can still entertain an audience better than the majority of current presenters. Tess was her lovely self, but I can’t help but feel her mind was on other things, with the presenter consistently saying ‘grope’ instead of ‘group’. I can’t blame her though, Sid Owen does have that effect on people.. Read more

Rolf Harris Makes Animal Hospital Comeback

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Can you guess what it is yet? Everyone’s favourite Aussie returns to our screens next month in a new series shot in a veterinary college.

Kind-hearted Rolf has parterned up with Channel 5 to present Rolf’s Animal Clinic from the University of Liverpool’s Vet School, following staff and students as they patch up domestic pets, livestock and exotic zoo animals from across Merseyside.

Talking about the show, the artist and veteran broadcaster said: “The welfare of animals is something that has always been close to my heart and it’s wonderful to be presenting this series which covers the fascinating and skilled work of the vets dealing with such an amazing range of animals.”

Channel 5’s Ian Dunkley said: “The series gets to the emotional heart of what it is to be a vet – from the drama of life-saving equine surgery, to how best to deal with an overweight pet.

“Having Rolf as the presenter is a fantastic addition to the series.”

Sex in the Bushes at Gary Barlow’s X Factor House

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X Factor is certainly heating up, after two people were rumbled having sex in the bushes of judge Gary Barlow’s house.

The al-fresco romp, involving two lovers in their 20s, happened as the Take That star and assistant Cheryl Cole were in the process of winding down the final acts to take forward to the live shows.

Security initially suspected paparazzi in the bushes, but when they raced over they found a couple going at it “without a care in the world?.

A source told the Sun: “They made their excuses and left. It seems they’d been having a picnic and got carried away.?

Scotch eggs are an aphrodisiac after all…

Ghost pinches Caroline Flack’s bum- the cheek of it!

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Caroline Flack claims a ghost pinched her bottom during filming at X Factor judge Gary Barlow’s house in Northamptonshire.

But while the presenter was slightly taken aback by the ‘cheeky’ spirit, Cheryl Cole couldn’t resist making a joke of her old boss, pointing the blame at the “ghost of Simon Cowell?.

Xtra Factor host Flack revealed she felt something brush against her behind, before seeing an apparition in an antique mirror later in the day.

She said: “I don’t believe in ghosts- I’m a real sceptic. But I felt something brush past me and there was nobody else in the room. It was weird.

“Later on, I thought I saw something move in the mirror, and it looked like someone’s arm. There is definitely something creepy going on in that house.?

Wheeler Dealers: Episode One Sneak Preview

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Never trust a used car salesman, or so the old saying goes. But the Discovery channel is on a mission to prove this famous statement wrong, with the latest series of Wheeler Dealers rolling its way back onto our screens next Tuesday.

The show follows the antics of veteran car dealer , and their quest to find iconic vehicles that they can transform and sell on for a profit.

This season sees Mike doing his own ‘Italian Job’ as he travels to Trieste to buy a stunning early sports car, the Fiat Dino. Back in the UK, he searches for the most British of sports cars, the Morgan, as well as buying one of the cheapest BMW M5’s in the country. He also heads to France to hunt down one of the rarest cars he has ever bought, the classic Renault Alpine 310.

But with each bargain Mike finds, mechanic Edd has to deal with the consequences, and there’s plenty of tension and comedy gold as these two big characters take on new challenges bringing spectacular old classics back to life.

Episode one dips into the elusive world of the Cobra replica, with vastly different cars being priced from ten grand to forty grand. Crafty Mike manages to find an unregistered model with just 1000 miles on the clock, but to make it roadworthy, Edd has to work round the clock to get the car through the tough emissions testing which forms part of the IVA Test for replica cars.

Can’t wait until next Tuesday? No problem- sit back, unwind, and enjoy the sneak preview videos below:

Wheeler Dealers is on Tuesdays from 18 September, 9.00 pm, Discovery Channel

OTB meets Bronagh Waugh, Who Plays Hollyoaks Later’s Cheryl Brady

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Bronagh Waugh plays Cheryl Brady in Hollyoaks, and is set to take centre stage in next week’s Hollyoaks Later series. In an interview with me, she speaks about her bad boy brother Brenden, a possible new family member, and how great it is to work with hunky men…

Tell me a bit about the new series…It seems you have a rather big part to play in it?

Four years ago I first came into Hollyoaks within the late night series (which used to be called Hollyoaks in the City). It’s a much more standalone late night drama based thing, moving away from the soap. The whole idea is that if you’ve never watch Hollyoaks before, you can still tune in to see a really entertaining drama series.

We decided to really step up the pace this year. My on-screen brother Brendan is also staring, so we can finally explore something we’d always wanted to: the Brady family. So the writers got together and decided to put our family at the forefront of this new series, which is brilliant, as they’re the kind of characters that you really want to delve into and find out more about, and it’s hard to to do that on the 6.30 show.

This is a real opportunity to really delve deep into that, and the stakes are high. That’s one of Emmet’s and my prerequisites, as the longer we stay here we just want to keep raising the bar and raising the level of what’s at stake. What will happen next week will irreparably change our relationship forever.

It’s so dramatic. We’ve got blood, we’ve got guts, we’ve got some very pretty ladies in the shape of Georgie Porter (laughs). We’ve just got really good story telling and drama, and I can’t wait for everyone to watch it.

We’ve also shot it differently from last time, using a camera which is also used in James Bond. It’s going to look much more cinematic, and if you watch the trailer, you’ll get a flavour of what the kind of style is. They’re just amazing cameras, everything looks dark, blue, and kind of moody. I think it will look wicked.

How do you feel about Brenden’s arrival?

I think the fans have been crying out for a bit of Brendan action. Like I said, we take it to dark levels this time round[laughs]. If you’re a fan of Brenden and the Brady family, this is definitely unmissable. You start to put the pieces together about what makes him tick, how we are built as siblings, why we operate in the way we do, and you might even get a little sniff of a new family member as well!

Cool! I’ve read up on the episodes next week, and it seems Brenden may be badly injured at the end?!

We don’t know if he’s going to be ok…but you should be left shell-shocked afterwards saying Hollyoaks will never be the same again after you watch it.

I’m guessing the storyline will continue in Hollyoaks then?

Yeah, we hit the ground running when we go back into it. There’s no let up. Until I leave this show I want to keep pushing the boundaries, so I think it’s pretty cool that 6.30 really heats up to. Autumn and Christmas are going to be really special.

Sounds exciting! Do tell though, how is Nana Flo?

Oooh we won’t know. You’ll have to see, I can’t tell you! Nana Flo is an amazing character though, she’s awesome, and explains so much about who Brendan and I are. Sharon Morgan, the actress who plays her, has done a lot of filming before- her CV is as long as my legs, and that’s long [laughs].

You were previously nominated for best comedy performance. Do we see humour again in this series?

Yes, there’s a little touch of it. I’ve been really lucky since I’ve been in it- in my first three months I was shortlisted for best newcomer, best actress, and best comedy all at once, and I think that hopefully sums up the kind of character Cheryl is. She can do comedy, but because of who my brother is and my past history there’s lots of dramatic, emotional stuff as well. I’ve always tried to make Cheryl three dimensional, because at first she could have been seen as a kind-of cardboard cut-out, and I’ve worked really hard to try and make her into this real person that you can really relate to. People do dress really wackily but then they have tragedy happen to them too. In the late nights though, you’ll see a little bit of everything, and also there’s a really hunky new man that arrives to, and he’s pretty damn hot so that’s always nice [laughs].

Would that be Lethal Bizzle?

[Hysterical laughter] No! But Lethal Bizzle was also pretty damn hot!

OK, thanks for talking to me. Take care!!

Bye Nathan!

Hollyoaks Later: Behind the Scenes Pics

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Love Hollyoaks? You’re in for a treat. Have a gander at these Hollyoaks Later behind the scenes pics…

[imagebrowser id=495]

Hollyoaks Later: Spoilers aplenty

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Hollyoaks Later lands back on our screens next Monday night, with this years’s post-watershed version of the soap promising to be bigger, better and grittier than ever before.

Several storylines home and abroad make up this year’s offering, which sees Brendan (played by Emmett J. Scanlan) making his Later debut, and Lethal Bizzle putting in a guest appearance.

As ever, there’ll be five hour-long on consecutive nights across next week at 10pm on E4. But because we know that you soap addicts can’t wait that long, your dear old OTB has managed to blag the heads up on each episode from the rather nice people at the Hollyoak’s Press Office. Oh, we do spoil you.

So enjoy, but be warned, the below does contains a lot of juicy spoilers…

Episode one: On Monday, Hollyoaks Later kick starts with an action packed first five minutes which sets up each of the three stories. Trouble maker Brendan spots some guy laying into Joel, Mitzeee is seen running through the forest handcuffed to her prison cellmate Lauren, Cheryl gets terrible news that Nana Flo is dying, and Jono, Bart and Neil head to Amsterdam to see Joel’s girlfriend Lola, with the sole aim of getting completely ‘crunked’.

Episode two: Brendan is behind the wheel, furiously driving around with Joel lying battered in the front seat as he frantically searches the streets of Southport for his passenger’s dangerous step Dad Mick. Meanwhile, the man-at-large has Joel’s phone, and ‘randomly’ bumps into Cheryl, Nana Flo and Theresa, after the latter texts him to reveal where they are. He sends a picture of himself with the ladies to Brendan, who instinctively knows the ladies are in danger. What will they do when they get their hands on Mick? One can only imagine it won’t involve a civilized game of chess…

Meanwhile, Mitzeee wills herself to slit Lauren’s throat while she sleeps, but has she got the guts to do it? Over in Amsterdam, Lola and Bart are getting curiously closer and the latter appears to be falling for Jono’s French girlfriend. Ooh la la… Meanwhile, Neil has a bizarre encounter with hip hop star Lethal Bizzle.

Episode three: Joel has locked himself in a motel bathroom, completely freaked out and unable to cope with recent events that involve himself, Brendan and Mick. Outside, Walker hear’s a suspicious sound coming from inside the boot of Brendans’s car…but who’s inside?

The fun in Amsterdam continues as the threesome spend the day together, but as the day goes on Bart can’t help his feelings for his friend’s girlfriend, getting stupidly stoned and snogging her while Jono’s on a pizza run. Naughty, naughty boy…

Runaways Lauren and Mitzeee go to Cheryl’s flat to see Nancy, where she is staying for some R and R while Cheryl is away. The pair need a getaway driver and Mitzeee’s friend sounds like an ideal candidate.

Episode four: There’s panic all round as police show up at the motel where Brendan and Joel are staying, with Theresa convincing the latter to make a run for it. Over in Holland, Jono is beside himself with grief after Bart and Lola’s deceit. His friend meanwhile is blissfully happy with his stolen prize, ignoring the fact he has Sinead back home. Meanwhile Neil has yet another wild day getting roped into a glamour model world record event, and in the process bagging himself VIP tickets to Lethal Bizzle’s gig.

On the run, Mitzeee, Lauren and Nancy arrive at the army barracks to try and reunite Lauren and Raymond, with the pair getting it on with Mitzeee still handcuffed to her fellow prisoner!

Episode five: The climaz to proceedings sees Brendan finally hook up with his scared sister Cheryl, who’s in hospital with Nana Flo. But the looks of things it seems she saw her angelic brother taking part in a game of fistycuffs with Mick. However, before they get a chance to talk, Nana Flo awakes and demands they bust her out of there. The siblings and Walker decide to get away from it all and go to a holiday home, where an angry Brendan loses the plot and decides to kick the hell out of gas fireplace. Let’s just say the final scene of this storyline is rather explosive.

Mitzeee meanwhile tries to get jiggy with Riley before Mercy spoils things. Angry with the situation, Lauren holds them all up in the flat until Mercy comes clean about a secret, with Mitzee taking a knife to her throat until she stops lying. Will she stab her for real this time?

In Amsterdam, Bart gets stoned and ends up in a dangerous position in the bath. Jono returns to the flat to check Bart is ok only to spot his friend submerged under the water – panicking he jumps in to try and save him, but is he too late?

Hollyoaks Later returns on Monday 17th September on E4 at 10pm.

Sherlock Does the Double at TVChoice Awards

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Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch has been named Best Actor at the TVChoice Awards, beating Dr Who’s Matt Smith who was also up for the award.

Co-star Karen Gillan was also left with nothing for the trophy cabinet, after Miranda Hart walked away with Best Actress trophy for her performance as Chummy in Call The Midwife.

To add to the time traveller’s woes, detective series Sherlock picked up Best Drama, with the sci-fi being awarded Best Family Drama.

There were other shocks on the night too, with The Midwife picking up the gong for Best New Drama, beating Channel 4’s explosive Homeland series.

Keith Lemon retained his Best Entertainment Show crown, as did Jeremy Kyle, who was awarded Best Daytime Show for a second year running.

Best Talent Show went to Britain’s Got Talent, while ITV’s I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! was named Best Reality Show.

The soap awards were predictively dominated by Eastenders, with Best Soap Actor going to Albert Square’s finest, Shane Ritchie.

Tony Discipline picked up the Best Newcomer award for his role as Tyler Moon, while the show as a whole was named Best Soap.

However, it wasn’t an awful night for Coronation Street, with Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina McIntyre, taking Best Soap Actress.

The cast and crew of Emmerdale, which this year celebrates its 30th anniversary, received an Outstanding Contribution award.

Sir David Attenborough’s ‘successors’ revealed…

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The question of who will succeed Sir David Attenborough as the ‘voice behind nature’ has been hanging around for a while now, but yesterday the man himself tipped the people he believes will follow in his footsteps: online amateurs.

Speaking at the launch of his new show Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities, which airs on the Eden channel in January 2013, the TV legend believes that the future of the genre will be controlled by amateurs online.

In answer to a question by OTB, Sir David said: “I suspect in the future you won’t need nature jockeys like me.

“I also suspect you won’t need specialist cameramen who we have at the moment. Nature to film has become easier, easier and easier.

“There are lots of dedicated people out there, who want to do nothing more than film the mating of a dragonfly on a pond only hours from their home. And they’ll go home and put it on the web.

“The view of the natural world now will start to come from the web. So paradoxically as human beings become more dominant in the world and more detached from the actuality of the natural world, you’ll keep up with it through visions from dedicated amateurs on the web.”

Come back soon to hear a podcast of the full Q&A with the BBC icon.

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