Simply Red-Faced as Hucknall Rejected By The Beeb

October 25, 2012 by  
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Mick Hucknall has revealed that he tried to launch a talent show on the BBC, but the troubled broadcaster turned it down in favour of The Voice.

The Simply Red singer approached the BBC a year ago with a plan for finding “the next David Bowie, the next Freddie Mercury, the next Lennon and McCartney,? according to an interview with the Daily Express.

“They rejected it and went for The Voice instead, which to me was another version of the X Factor because it’s not about creative artists.?

Hucknall went on to call for the BBC to “devise a programme to find the next Elton or the next Mick Hucknall.?

Hucknall’s second studio album since leaving Simply Red, American Soul, is out on October 29th.