Daybreak’s relaunch fails to wow viewers

September 5, 2012 by  
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ITV’s relaunch of Daybreak has failed to bring back viewers from the channel’s GMTV heyday, with the new presenters and decor turning viewers off.

It seems that not even the dream combination of ITV poster girl Loraine Kelly and Welsh singer Aled Jones can revive the fortunes of ITV’s flagship breakfast programme Daybreak, after only 600,000 people tuned in to watch the show’s long anticipated relaunch on Monday.

ITV execs will be scratching their heads as to why the figure is so low in comparison to the one million who saw Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley take to the sofa on the show’s launch two years ago.

Kelly and Jones, who are joined by fellow presenters Ranvir Singh and Matt Barbet, will be hoping to turn around the fortunes of the show, which up until Monday was headed up by presenters Dan Lobb and Kate Garraway, who only managed to draw 350,000 viewers.

However, it seems they may have their work cut out, with viewers taking to Twitter and the Daybreak website to criticise the programme’s new format, with most laying into the new presenters and the old fashioned looking decor.

One even said how it made them feel sick, with @georginaro tweeting: “Not enjoying the new Daybreak line-up. Bring back @kategarroway and @danlobb!! The new set is making me feel nauseous.”

Daybreak controversially replaced the long-standing GMTV in 2010, which regularly received glowing viewing figures.

Alex says:

Bring back Penny Smith!

what on earth are you thinking. Very old fashioned, unexciting. if you want to watch a programme that should only be aired on a sunday teatime then carry on, all the feel of a programme well past its prime, rather than innotavive. Aled jones and Lorraine Kelly, say no more

Sharon says:

The set is truly horrendous. Orange is a colour that should be reserved for the fruit. Aled is ok but Lorraine is well past her best before date. Although she seems a nice person a cutting edge presenter she is not! Lots of people enjoyed Lorraine when she was not on it which was pretty often! The 6-7 slot was brilliant when Penny Smith and John Stapleton presented it. I feel sorry for Kate Garroway who covered for both Fiona and Lorraine a lot while they took a massive advantage of time off. Kate has two small children herself but showed she was dedicated to her work as well. Viewers notice this commitment so should the programme planners!

tina says:

shocking1y dreadfu1