David Tennant Voted America’s Favourite Doctor Who

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Matt Smith may be a firm favourite with British fans, but it seems that our American Doctor Who-loving cousins much prefer his predecessor David Tennant.

Indeed the Scottish actor received more votes than all his rivals combined when Entertainment Weekly ran a poll last week.

59% of US Whovians thought that Tennant – who played the Doctor between 2005 and 2010 – was the best ever with Smith coming second with a modest 16% of the vote.

Tom Baker – the show’s longest-serving star – claimed 12% of reader votes, after occupying the TARDIS for seven years between 1974 and 1981.

Ninth Doctor actor Christopher Eccleston, who starred in the BBC sci-fi drama for a single series in 2005, came fourth with 8%.

The remaining 5% of the vote was divided between the remaining seven Doctors – William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Paul McGann.

Doctor Who returns to our screens in late August.

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Zoe says:

I (as a UK watcher) loved Eccelstone but fell head over heels for Tennant. He was perfect for the role, I was upset when he left but told myself to give Matt Smith a chance. I’ll admit, his first episode was good. But I’m sorry the scripts are now utterly terrible. Somethings gone wrong and everything is so focused on the companion now, it didn’t use to be so revolved like that /:

Emma says:

A lot of you seem to be sceptical over which Doctor we Brits prefer, which is odd since most of you are Americans thus having not come into contact with a lot of us. But I can tell you right now that over here we have taken to Matt a lot better than you lot have. Most people I know prefer Matt’s Doctor than Tennants actually. The main reason being because he acts more like the original Doctors and maybe that’s the problem, like some of you said America hasn’t had the opportunity to view many of the Doctors so you base what the Doctor should be like more on Tennant’s Doctor while we base it on the older ones.

But as it’s been said above comparing Doctor’s is like comparing cheese to cake, it doesn’t work. All the Doctor’s are unique and fantastic in their own way and shouldn’t be talked down just because you prefer another one.

Lindsay says:

I’m very surprised they said Brits like Matt Smith. I’m American, but I have been under the impression that Brits liked David Tennant more while Americans liked Matt Smith more. I loved Matt Smith more when I watched him as the episodes air. However, I rewatched the whole (new) series this week and I have to see I love David Tennant more than ever, and he is now officially my favorite doctor. I didn’t realize how much I loved him, and I guess it was so long between Seasons 4 and 5 that I forgot how amazing Tennant was. 🙂 I agree with the comment that said you can’t really compare them. I have a friend who refuses to have a favorite doctor because they’re all completely different, so you can’t pick one over the other since they aren’t the same thing at all.

TejaB says:

im British – and i think i can clear up the whole ‘oi! brits love tennant too!’ thingy – what i reckon is we’re more open to Smith – because he followed Tennant, and he does it brilliantly. Its like in the batman trilogy – who the hell would want to follow Heath Ledger?! David made such an impact in the Who universe, he converted a lot people and made the show even more popular i think – BUT, obviously when he left, everyone was gutted and had a soured oinion of the new doctor. Almost like everyone was determined to dislike him after we lost david – HOWEVER, as it turns out – Matt is brilliant in his own right, and i think we’ve accepted him as the doctor more so now after seeing that 🙂 > from my experiencce, Brits are more accepting now of him, than US fans – but personally i’d put that down to advertingor something… we’ve just warmed up quicker. But thats my opinion… personally – i love matt and tennant pretty much equally, but matt is steadily growing on me more and more, so :/ but then again – loads of my mates would still say David…

Michael says:

I have to agree with Joe Cognan above about the recognition factor of the other Doctors here in America and I think this survey is a bit biased.

For years a number of people said Tom Baker as favorite as that is who they either started with, were more familiar with or – if you take into account 7 years in one show – grew up with. So looking at Tennant, he is the longest running current Doctor as he had 3 series AND a year of specials.

In addition, it took forever for the current version of the show to start airing here in America, when the Sci-Fi Channel finally got it is probably when most people got exposed to it. So here in fact Tennant – like Baker – is the Doctor that probably most new fans “started with”.

Where I go in opinion is in line with what Cynthia says above – Steven Moffat has said that we finally have back a proper (his word on that one) bonkers Doctor. Moffat has made the series more fun and less soap opera than it was under Davies, Matt Smith comes in second for me behind Peter Davison, but in the end when asked this question I quote the Brigadier in The Five Doctors. “The Doctor, splendid fellow – ALL of them.”

Elf says:

I’m an American, and personally, Matt Smith is my very very favorite; but I know only one other person who’s opinion is the same. I’d say that Tom Baker and David Tennant definitely are favorites…. I just find Matt Smith so lovable.

bob says:

Indeed, I recently met 4 Brits who were travelling in the US and they all agreed that David Tennant is by far the best doc!

Charlotte says:

On the contrary, I’m an American and I prefer Matt Smith, even though I love David Tennant so so so so SO much. Comparing the Doctors is like comparing a unicorn to a double-rainbow –each one is brilliant in their own unique way!

Cynthia says:

I have to say, (as an American), every Doctor I have seen has been my favorite. I preferred Christopher Eccleston’s departure to David Tennant’s who showed a weakness I was uncomfortable with seeing in the Doctor, and by the time I saw Matt come on, I was excited to see what he had in store. To me, if the actor is good enough to impress Mr. Moffit as Doctor worthy, he will surely be good enough for me to watch!

sean says:


Because he isn’t the Doctor anymore? Why would EW put a guy who used to play the part on the cover? I love Tennant, but it’s ridiculous to expect he’d be on the cover at this point.

Seth Rosenthal says:

This is news? I thought it was common knowledge

Joe Cogan says:

I can only speak for Whovians in the US, but over here, very little has been aired or available until quite recently. Those of us who grew up during the 1970’s and early 80’s remember Tom Baker vividly (and Peter Davison following), when their episodes were re-run here. But for anyone here who is younger than their mid-40’s, David Tennant was their introduction to the character on BBCA, and except for Eccleston, they barely know of the earlier Doctors, much less remember them. That probably skews the numbers significantly.

bex says:

I would like to see your proof that Matt Smith is preferred over David Tennant in the UK. I have been a fan (in the US) since I watched John Pertwee become Tom Baker when I lived in London during the 1973-74 school year and I was a Fourth Doctor fan for many many years. I adored Chris Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor, and I think Matt is doing a very fine job. But Tennant is the best of the lot in so many ways and I have seen little evidence that people in the UK think any differently. What I am most annoyed at is BBCAmerica’s complete lack of publicity when Tennant was the Doctor – in fact he was banned from doing fan conventions while he was in the role (by the BBC, and thus BBCA as well)… so for him to come out so clearly on top in the US despite the BBCA publicity for the current series truly does say something. I am also annoyed at Entertainment Weekly, which I’ve subscribed to for many years – if DT is the most popular Doctor, why was he not the on the cover instead of MS?

Snookie says:

Lots of us UK viewers preferred David Tennant actually.