Danny Boyle Tells BBC Not to ‘Ruin’ the Opening Ceremony With Idle Chat

July 25, 2012 by  
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BBC News presenter Huw Edwards has met with 28 Days Later and Slumdog Millionaire director Danny Boyle to discuss the coverage of the Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

The Independent reports that Edwards and the director – who has orchestrated the £27 Million event – have held “private talks” regarding how the BBC intends to comment on the ceremony.

Boyle is reportedly adamant that the soundtrack is an essential feature to the “Isle of Wonders” themed show, and does not want over-dubbed commentary to spoil it.

Edwards was joined by the BBC’s head of Olympic Coverage Roger Mosely to explain to Boyle that commentary placed over the music was was nessecary in order to provide “context” to those unfamiliar with the themes presented in the elaborate ceremony – which is said to have taken inspiration from Shakespeares’ The Tempest.

Boyle has allegedly been involved in what was described as a “spat” between him and the Olympic Broadcast Service. The director took issue with possible issues of camera positioning, and wants to retain directorial control, despite the responsibility given to the Finnish state broadcaster YLE.

After the Beeb’s coverage of the Royal Jubilee was regarded by many as atrocious, it’s easy to see why they are keen to avoid any mistakes when it comes to the Olympics, especially considering it will be Mark Thompson’s last hurrah as Director General of the broadcasting corporation.

Tony says:

And the BBC ruined it. I was driven mad by the idle prattle – I did a search to find out if anyone else thought so, and found this.

The WONDERFUL moment of Tubular Bells – talked over to say about how many records it sold.
Chimneys erupting from the ground – we’re told chimneys are erupting from the ground.
Nelson’s cousin is in it.

Etc. Awful.

I found out after about an hour that channel 550 of Virgin Media had it commentary free, so was able to enjoy the rest. But wow… BBC sure know how to mess things up. Just say nothing, and let us enjoy it – that should have been the plan.

Benny says:

Agree; too much idle comments from the BBC presenters and there is an abundance of them,resulting in see more of the presenters than the sports itself.
Can we have or see less (if at all) of the presenters with their inane discussions and see more of the activities and events?

James Hogan says:

So, the preparations for the opening ceremony are meant to be kept secret yet BBC News at 10, just now, has just shown the actors and dancers leaving the stadium in full costume….and the Beeb are the official broadcaster of the London Olympics…..did no one say to them, ‘shhhhhh’????