Sex, Lies And Rinsing Guys: “Morally, Socially And Spiritually Bankrupt”

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Last night’s investigation in to the insidious world of using-good-looks-to-steal-from-lonely-men (Sex, Lies and Rinsing Guys, C4, 10pm) attracted almost 50, 000 tweets and some pretty vigorous debate from the individuals who had the misfortune to stumble across such a vile documentary. I was one such unfortunate.

The documentary chronicled the “rinsing” habits of three beautiful young women whose prey consists of men who are daft enough to donate gifts and cash to them  – in return for minimal effort on their part. One lady – Danica – charges up to 50 quid for ten minutes of scintillating conversation about what she ate for dinner over Skype, while up in Mansfield Hollie receives 200 for six minutes of financial dominatrixing via webcam. “The last deposit you made in my bank account was pitiful, pig”, she faux-rages. “You’re going to have to do better”. Meanwhile blonde glamour model Jeannette demands trips to New York and designer handbags via the medium of Blackberry Messenger.

The girls themselves seem to believe that they are pioneering in some form of feminist campaign whereby women bleed blokes dry in the name of the sisterhood. “Girls should feel well more empowered”, Hollie advises us. But their ambition to level the playing field in terms of power is tragically misguided and their pursuit of “motherfuckers to pay the bills” is likely to have done little to inspire another generation of bra burners. The ladies themselves insist that they are smart business women, using what they have to make ends meet, but their subjugation of the opposite sex (and unwittingly, themselves) sees them pegged back to the same level of your average posh female escort of the Victorian era.

In the great tradition of noughties TV viewing, I turned to Twitter to seek solice in the views of others. Gratefully, I drank from the refreshing pool of other’s outrage. @RichardBiedul twittered: “Channel 4. “SexLies and Rinsing Guys“. These women are morally, socially and spiritually bankrupt. Emmeline Pankhurst would be proud. #NOT“. While @KrisSoAppalled lived up to his alias, “SexLies and Rinsing guys. These girls make me sick”, he fumed.

And it wasn’t just the male Twitterati who were left outraged by these backward gold-digging antics. @Stephren said: “”sex lies and rinsing guys” errrrr women where is your independence?! #whores“. While @MsLisaRogers huffed :”Now fired up & cross having watched the first 5 mins of ‘sex lies &rinsing guys‘ on 4od. And breeethe”.

Have these girls given any thought to what might happen to their “career” once gravity begins to take its inevitable toll on those perky breasts? “It’s about using what I’m best at to make money – just like a nurse”, boasts Danica. The irony is that Danica has actually made a great success of her business and is fully aware of the importance of social media and the internet to promote her business, why not transfer these skills to another role? Exercise your power in the workplace, not just for the sake of a Gucci handbag.

If not, what talent or skills will be relied  upon once the rosy flush of youth has vanished from one’s cheeks? The girls currently maintain that all of their money-grabbing activities are above board and  involve no sexual contact of any kind – but what will they be left with once a mere glance will no longer satiate their hungry clients? It is perhaps little wonder that the mundane, domestic appliances dwindling at the bottom of their Amazon wish lists remain undelivered…those paying clients would much rather see the benefit of a palette of Chanel slap.

But what did you make of the money-grabbing antics?

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Mr&MrsRinsed says:

I have some advice for the men who are being rinsed:

There are these businesses called escort services who can arrange for more attractive women than these to have full sexual intercourse with you for equal or less money, use those instead.

Of course, finding a stable partner and building a family would be a better option, for both parties.

Lucy says:

I have an opinion extremely different compared to the other comments. Please feel free to argue back at me. Personally, I dont see a problem with what these girls are doing at all. First of all, they are not FORCING these men to give them money(and if they were, thats when its wrong) the men paying them are willingly giving up their money in exchange for the girls(and maybe more, once again, thats their choice) Secondly, do not just assume that these girls are selling their bodies for sex, they may not be. Thirdly, jobs like these have been around for thousands and thousands of years, and if these girls arent selling their bodies, then this juct could be the most “innocent” of what could be called the sex industry. I think one of the main reasons other women are getting angry over all this is because they are jealous. These women are beautiful(okay, maybe not 100% natural beauties but still they are definitely not your everyday avarage jane) rich and get plenty of male attention, thats a few of the things women desire. If men are just paying these women for their company which includes a bit of flirting and friendship(no matter how fake it is) then really what is wrong with it? The men are giving up their money willingly. And the women may need the money. Perhaps to go to University, travel abroad, maybe even to help their families. Oh, and just to make everyone here with the opposinopinion to mine more mad, I also dont disagree with prostitution. Once again, as long as they are doing it in their FREE WILL(of course i dont agree with sex trafficking) so it their own choice.

sophie says:

So for 1000s of years women have relied on men to take of them, an old tradition and value, so why is what they are doing so bad? If the men or women did not want to buy them gifts and give money I’m sure they wouldn’t. I believe that most of this is being misunderstood or taking out of contents. And most likely a lot of women will be jealous of these beautiful girls getting what they want so easy. Well get over it.

Normal says:

I can’t see what the girls are doing wrong, if, as I assume, this is all serious and not fantasy. The indignant comments above are really wrong, but they’re only words. I hope none of these “muppets” manages to trace any of the girls and try to harm them. Women do like men who are “generous” – it’s natural. These men “pay their money and take their choice”. The ladies also make their choices. It’s all a game.

I’m glad to see three ladies who try hard. Far better they than the typical woman, who, having “got” her man, then no longer cares and just sits back and couch-potatoes her life – far too many of them these days.

mark says:

If Rodger Cook had gone up to these girls asking them to explain on live BBC Televsion, how they con lonely and desperate men of their life savings or whatever, they would have run a mile from the camera to avoid the adverse publicity from talking about their fraud that theyre commiting, because that would be about all you could do if you even wanted half a chance of ever being able to con another victim (the last thing you need is exposure right) yet they volutarily go on live BBC or whatever channel it was TV and volunarily expose their own scam by boasting about it on TV, yeah very shrewd and clever business women (er NOT I meant, sorry


These women are a disgrace to humanity. Not to women, not to men, but to the whole of humanity. There is nothing progressive about using your sexually, or any other manipulative tool you may have at your disposal, to exploit another human being. Gender, and the pretence therein that this is in some way about redressing an historical imbalance, only serves to cloud the issue and serves as a convenient smoke screen for the criminals carrying out these acts. This is fraud, plan and simple. And no, these men aren’t making rational, sound decisions because THEY ARE BEING RINSED. Listen to some of the warped comments from these women: “it’s their fault is they get feelings for me.” No, it’s your fault because you are the one inducing those feelings in order to extort them. How about the one that gets her mum to sell gifts on e-bay who apparently lives by the motto “take all you can in life and give nothing.” Sorry, but what bearing does that have on liberty? Well, other than to say that woman can now be as free as men to commit fraud. Wonderful. Real progress.

Dave Jones says:

These girls are preying on vulnerable, naive and stupid men. I agree it is no better than a con man fleecing a vulnerable old lady. Guys, if you want the attentions of a beautiful girl go to the Red Light District in Amstrdam.You will get an awful lot more for an awful lot less and it will be a lot more honest and fair.

DeltaCruz says:

I am sure HMRC will have something to say about this I am sure there is a limit on the value of gifts you can receive in a 12 month period with out incurring any tax charges. If not there is an excellent loop hole if you want to leave large amounts of cash to a family member by them rolex watches and expensive items instead of giving cash

DeltaCruz says:

it would be no different myself befriending an vulenerable old lady gaining her trust and slowly fleecing away her cash and I’d get locked up for that. It’s in exactly the same league. Disgusting

Anna says:

Everybody just calm down. What’s the big issue? You can choose not to rinse, or be rinsed, it’s up to you what gifts or whatever you give a woman. What man pays for holidays and watches for women when he doesn’t know that he’s paying for their company?

Jake says:

Anna, you’re a failure. He didn’t judge women as a whole, he said that those types of women which do make up a sector of the female population risk ruining it for the rest of them and end up being judged as the same. Women get no empowerment, because they always talk about how independant they are and superior to men, yet now they rely on exploiting the opposite gender in order to function and survive a comfortable life. This only proves why men work the real jobs and bring in the true money while women focus on the next selection of make up and other usleess accessories to buy.

Lancer says:

Disgusting Whores.
And you dont need to F*** a guy to be a whore!
Repugnant Ugly Insipid Whores – thats all they are.
What’s hilarious is that soon they won’t be able to even get a wolf-whistle from a builder.

Anna says:

William knob, you are indeed a nob. How you can say such disgusting things about these women I don’t understand. Your use of language is appalling and vicious. How dare you judge all women as a whole, you cannot tell women how to live, or how to interpret feminism and empowerment. And to say women practically ask to be raped is a disgrace, you obviously don’t get the real world, women had no respect back then because men said they weren’t worthy of it, not because they hitched their skirts too far over their ankles. Lots of men go to strip clubs and read play boy etc, they think that it’s okay to exploit women so why shouldn’t these women use their beauty and charm to get what they want ? I can see that some of the things said on the show weren’t the best thought out, but the men are getting something out of it, a kick from having beautiful women talk to them that might not on a normal day, and if they are wealthy it’s up to them who and what they spend their money on, their big boys, and probably know what’s going on, and the women get a sense of empowerment and some nice things out of it. It’s a lot less exploitational than a lot of things that go on, and isn’t as shocking as everyones making it out to be.

DeltaCruz says:

this is appauling. Basically these girls are Hookers with out the happy ending. I think the definition of deception in laymans terms is “A person or thing intended to deceive others to result in financial or personal gain.” also someone who cons another person is defined as “a person who swindles another by means of a confidence trick”So I would say these girls are worse than whores as they are dis honest. How dare channel 4 promote this as a good thing. these girls should be arrested!!! I hope the police look into this and make a law fast. and on the other side of the argument yes the men that do this are very stupid, but these girls do not know that some of the men they do this too, may have experianced loss of a wife or loved one who maybe ready to find another special person but be very vulenerable and these whores are preying on the these men. Last part is that the young and impressionable girls that watch this show may infact have light bulb moments and try and do the same, which could possibly end very badly!!!! what a crazy world we live in.

William Knob says:

The double standards of these money grabbing tarts fleecing vulverable mens is ubelievable. The fact is they put other women in danger by titilating and using their false charms to string these male idiots along. Is it any better then stealing money from a person with learning difficulties, or for that matter stealing a hand bag from a vulnerable old lady. Of course these female morons that aspire to the Kaitie Price business strategy (they see her as a good business woman) One thinks becasue she is studying Criminal psychology at University (standards have seriously dropped to allow this idiot in!)that she is intelligent. The fact is that this moron’s pea brain cannot see the Irony in the fact that she has two boys and that she would not want them to end up with a spoilt stupid slapper like her. The tantrum she gave in New York sums up these people, she said to quote ‘ He has to make it up to me by buying me a Louise Viton hand bag’ The fact that these money grabbing talentless tarts with no consideration for anyone else but themselves is a sad reflection of our moral barren society now, this also gives credance to extremist religious groups talking about the destruction of decent human values. One stated that all men are stupid and that women are smart again the Irony was her little boy was behind her when she said it. The Yorkshire Ripper an other nasty rapist and female murders had lost repect for most of the female society, idiots like these women will only make this worse. One day women are going to have to take some responsibility for the crimes inflicted on innocent women becaue of the total lack of moral values and rules shown by many women today in the pursuit of material gain.

Michael says:

I don’t believe for a second that the girl in New York was not having sex with the guys that were giving her money.
Secondly, what they are doing is the complete opposite of feminism because they are making themselves completely dependent on men, whereas a women who has her own job (a proper job) can survive without men in her life.
Lastly, one common thread weaved its way among all those girls – they all had low self esteem. Either they had been bullied as kids, or had dysfunctional childhoods. The show could have been renamed ‘Following the lives of three emotional train wrecks’.

And for the guys that pay these women, please get some self respect – you are giving the rest of us a bad name!

TC says:

For the first time in the history of humanity those of us with sons have more to fear than those with daughters when the age of dating commences.