What The Hell Is.. Foxes Live?

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These little bastards keep me up all night and ransack my rubbish bin on a regular basis, what the hell are they doing on my TV?!
You’re not alone my friend, but for every sleep-deprived suburban resident like yourself, there is a person who thinks that these ginger animals are simply misunderstood cuties.
Bloody hippies. I’d be far more likely to watch this if it was called ‘Foxes Dead’.
I can see what side of the debate you fall on here, but this Channel 4 programme might help you understand these creatures a little better.
What’s to understand. They’re taking over our cities!
Well in some ways, you’re not wrong. There are 27 foxes per square mile in the UK and between 30,000 to 40,000 foxes living in our cities, but we still don’t know much about how they live. Hopefully Foxes Live: Wild In The City will change all that?
Why, what are they going to do? Get David Attenborough in?
Not quite, but using cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art tracking, they’ll be giving us a “fox eye-view” of Britain’s cities and following the critters as they roam our streets. Viewers are also invited to take part in Channel 4’s fox census.
Are you joking? These rodents are getting bolder and bolder. They attacked a child last year! We should just be hunting them!
Well technically, it is us who’ve invaded their habitat..
You what?
Nevermind. You’re entitled to your views, but hopefully after these three live broadcasts from across the country, you may have a better understanding of these animals. There are many questions that need answering: Are foxes afraid of humans? Do they steal our rubbish? And do they attack our pets?
I read about a bloke being mugged by a fox a few weeks back.
mugged off more like..

Foxes Live: Wild in the City starts at 8pm on Monday 30th April on Channel 4

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naomi20 says:

well said fiona your right they are nice looking animal when they are big and healthy and have all there fur but when they are riddled with mange and other problems it isnt fair to leave them like this and die of illness, and half the people that have voted for the ban have never been hunting or hae never had live stock and found them slaughtered, and the other half are small minded because they think its cruel to kill a fox but what about the poor lambs that have there head ripped off and nine times out of ten they dont eat the lamb so its a pure waste!

Fiona123 says:

Foxes are a beautiful and important part of wildlife and the rural food-chain, however they need to be kept under control. Foxes are pretty much at the top of the food-chain they have no natural predator and that means we need to keep a tab on them. I like foxes but i am a farmer’s daughter (and therefore understand the need for regulation in a rural setting) as well as having lived in Edinburgh and Glasgow for the past 4 years (and so have experienced them as a nuisance in an urban setting also). there is a stark difference between domesticated animals and wild ones – and quite frankly the foxes shown in this programme are i would say partly domesticated. TRUST ME you would not get a rural fox behaving like that! (also they look a LOT better!) keep them wild where they belong, stop feeding them in the city or their populations will thrive further and cause more problems. if this occurs the majority of urban inhabitants will experience more and more problems and they will be shouting for the shotguns. EVERYTHING IN BALANCE. – like others have said controlling them also keeps them healthy.

Alexis says:

Urban Foxes….Rummage in bins~Poo in the garden~Kill Rats(and eat them)~ Kill birds (and eat them) ~make a bit of a noise at night .

Domesticated Cats…Rummage in bins ~ Poo in the garden~ Kill Rats (and play with them)~ Kill birds (and play with them)~make a bit of noise at night

The difference between the two ?
One is WILD and doing it for to survive and one is Domesticated and doing it for amusement.

naomi20 says:

i live in the country and dnt get me wrong we get cubs round here and in the spring it is nice to see healthy cubs bouncing about but there is a line to know when there over bred and it needs to be dealt with hence why hunting is done in seasons now i went riding with the hunt when i was about 15 im 20 nw an remeber the day like it was yesterday we hunted from 6am till gone 5pm we see over 8 foxes easy but only killed 2 and they were riddled with mange and under weight the others where big red and quick so it is only the healthy that get away it makes me laugh because most anti hunters like going for a spot of fishing when the weathers nice and the think its okai to hook a fish through the mouth and throw it back and they only do it for fun thats more horrible than hunting but u animal rghts and anti foxhunting know better? hahaha

Barry says:

The only time we had a heathy deer population was in the war when they were killed for meat this kept the numbers down,today culling keeps them heathy.
The longer foxes are alloud to multiply the worse there Heath will get and the more mange will spread In a few years time the whole situation will change all the do gooders will be getting in the pest controller.
They should have realised HUNTING IS NORMAL EVAN FOXS DO IT.

Danny fox says:

It’s terrible if it was a pet dog it would be treated or possibly put to sleep but no it’s cute so leave it to die in agony .a good healthy will get away just like that one just has ba£&?:;rd but a ill fox will defo be caught and quickly dispatched . Hence the survival of the fittest and keeping the population under control was the program on again tonight

tara says:

one thing i will also add the vixen on den came, she is covered in mange, which she will defiantly pass to the cubs, they will be malnourished and anemic from the parasite feeding on them, along with this i would put money on the fact the cubs had palvo virus or were quite possibly inbred,
animals suffering due to unsuitable living conditions and diet which people wont do any thing about as they are cute, and have rights, yeh they have rights but do we really want to see them unhealthy, the vixen now in milk with no cubs to suckle her will no doubt go on to get mastitis with her bad case of mange this will quite possibly be enough to cause her a slow painful death, although she is joining the new family we dont see her suckling them, given time then new fox family that has taken over the den will catch the mange from the previous fox, and the cycle continues, the fox released, “wont go back for the chickens as foxes are bright” i think the lady said??? bet its their in the next ep, trust me they come back especially for easy food

Danny fox says:

I am out hunting now ain’t seen a thing I don’t think there any foxes left in the country side they are being fed but all the city slickers lol …… O hang on just seen some eyes could it be old Charlie

naomi20 says:

i know its disgusting how people can stick up for these animals, but i bet if it was there child being bitten or there cute little bunny being eaten they would have a completely different approach, it was like that woman at the london march who was right at the front yelling ban the hunt ban the hunt 2 weeks later her beloved chickens were killed but not for dinner and not just one about 20 and all had there heads ripped off oh yh i forgot they are cute little fury creatures after all arent they and i think they should re do the marches and US HUNTERS NEED TO FIGHT HARDER!!!!!!!
and get rid of at least half of these vermin

Danny fox says:

Agree the fox has exploded since the ban because there is not enough territory in rural areas so more foxes are looking for new territory and as found the towns and city’s where food is in every garden pet rabbits are there on a silver plater (hutch ) all our left over food that is just discarded . I grew up in hull and saw very few foxes but since 2005 I saw more and more one even came to my kennels that housed 7 lurchers and 4 terriers a very brave fox or very desperate I would say the latter due to over population fair to say the fox didn’t die of starvation one swift bite and that was the end of him ,since moving to Halifax only six month ago I have seen approximately 60 foxes all around and in this small town the hunting ban defiantly needs looking at . Tara I am sorry to hear about the lamb don’t get me wrong they are predators and ppl who keep live stock do expect to lose the odd one or two but its becoming more like 50% . A gentlemen near me keeps a few chickens because his grandchildren enjoys watching them a fox got in one night and killed the lot only taking one away . In the 60s when rabbit populations became impossible to control the government brought in a terrible virus Myxomatosis that inflicts a slow painful death now would all you do gooders like to see foxes with something like that I don’t think so cause then that would be a long slow agonising death

tara says:

good on ya danny, get one for me to make up for the one that last night killed a new born lamb that through out the night lost it’s mother in the field, body stripped to the bone, as for the comments we built on their land! most of those houses have been their for the last 20-30 years they weren’t so popular in the towns then, hate to break it to you they have just bred them self’s to a higher population, and have become lazy, bit like going for a take out rather than cooking, the fox goes to the bin rather than chasing the rabbit etc.

Danny fox says:

Ha ha u tell them they are vermin it’s ok my dogs will be out tonight so there should be 1 or 2 less for channel 4 to film and that should mean that lambs and chickens and other live stock will sleep that little bit Easyier knowing that there heads wont be pulled off !!!!!

naomi20 says:

well if you dont suggest hunting them with hounds how do you suggest keeping them under control and keeping popultion realistic if you had rats in the house you would be strait on the phone to pest control and foxes are pests so i would like to know how you would keep them under control or if they kill your chickens or lambs or even attack children which there is clear evidence of!!!! how would you get rid of them???and oh you say about animal rights did you enjoy watching the grand national or even point even norm horse racing how about all them horses that hae to be put don due to harsh injuries and you think im naive? ha

Danny fox says:

Love the last comment day 16 mr farmer as had enough and pulled out the 12 bore and mk 2 rifle and his 2 lurchers it’s gonna be a fun night in fact I would like to thank channel 4 because now I don’t have to waste my time looking for mr fox I can now use there trackers to walk right up to them oooooooooooopppppppppps

Ricky Callan says:

I’ve nothing against foxes, personally. What I have got a problem with is Ch4 in it’s infinite wisdom dressing this up as watchable television. Come on Ch4. What a load of crap.

I’m not interested in how many foxes there are roaming wild around our cities. Raking in our bins, frightening people, and killing family pets, livestock etc. Alright, it’s all part of the food chain, but let’s leave it where it belongs. Because it’s not really that interesting.

I’m sure people who have lost animals of any description, aren’t interested in ‘exactly how the fox goes about it’

I was apalled to see a WILD fox being captured, and treated for mange. When families with domestic peys can barely afford their annual vet bills.

Ok. If you can’t afford a pet, you shouldn’t have one. But we don’t think about that when faced with the choice of having a pet. If it’s a stray, or pressure from your own children to get one.

I’d love to know how much all this is costing. Also,interesting to see that the Ch4 Foxes live website seems permanantly unavailable. I wonder if that’s because they’ve been bombarded with negative comments?

What did Ch4 expect? If reality programmes aren’t already swamping our television, we’re now being expected to watch a ‘Big Brother’ with foxes version of the show.

Day twentee threee. Mr Fox has eaten one of the chickens. The rest o’ the chickens are not apee.

Can’t wait for ‘ I’m A Goat, Get Me Out Of Here’

Get a grip Ch4. And make some TV for a change.

helen hale says:

The townspeople have forgotten one thing – the foxes DID NOT invade the
towns, the towns were built on the FOXES NATURAL HABITAT, where those people
now live. The foxes have NOT moved into cities, the cities have surrounded
them. Have some respect by acknowledging your own overpopulated, unchallenged invasion, which has a far more detrimental impact on the natural resources to maintain you, than any animal would need.
The comments on hunting made by someone who thinks everyone else does not
“have a clue”, hasn’t got a clue himself.
As a country woman who is now elderly, and have lived here all my life, on a freezing cold Boxing Day morning many years ago, I witnessed from the top of a hill in Hampshire, a thin, starving, pathetic fox, actually trying to save its own terrified life by scrambling along the top of a spiteful and unyielding hawthorn hedge.
His legs at every movement sinking through the sticks up to his chest and stomach. If that was not enough, the “upstanding citizens” who had entertained in their big houses on Christmas Day, with as much food and drink as they could cram into themselves, chased down the hill on their horses, with the hounds, and the leader hooked the fox off the hedge with a flick of his riding crop, into the middle of the pack of hounds.
The disgusting cheering, howling, growling, and the screams of that starving fox being ripped to pieces alive, is something that neither I, or anyone else
with an ounce of compassion in them as a human, made of flesh, blood and bone who can feel pain also, would ever forget.
So to say “they get caught and killed or escape” really is very naive.
There was, and never will be, anything quick and humane about a “hunt”.
They wanted blood and suffering.
They intended to inflict suffering and pain, and that is just what they did.
Being able to imagine oneself in a fox’s position being hunted, is nothing
to do with animal rights, it is having the sense to know that the end result,
if it was happening to you, is going to be barbaric. I am sure if any human was challenged to be hunted in this way, they would most certainly refuse.
How lucky to have that choice.
I really do hope this new programme is not a softly, softly approach to
gathering information as to how many foxes there are in towns in order to
have a mass cull. Surely, if people report seeing four foxes in a street where there are 50 houses, all 50 individual reports will amount to 200 foxes
being “spotted” in the same street, which will be a totally inaccurate figure.
The result being a public outcry to destroy “all these” foxes, by people who see them as unworthy of either food or life.
How lucky are those that judge, safe in the knowledge that they can never
be judged, no matter what strain they place on every natural resource needed
to maintain them, simply because they are “human”????

Barry says:

Second thought has the site gone down or have c4 taken it down for some reason if the comments on here are anything to go by????????

Barry says:

I can’t believe c 4 The fox is living where it should not be,eating food it shouldn’t,and spreading menge as a result of the lack of wild food it needs to keep fit and heathy ,it cost me £400 in vet bills to have my springer treated,you don’t need a servey to find there numbers we all know there are to many.
And as for forcing one out of a box in daylight when it is a creature of the night just to please the director of the program was disgusting I’m not a lover of foxes but that was out of order.

naomi20 says:

i completely agree we should have had over 60 lambs last year and we lost just under half because of foxes just ripping there heads off!!! and as for banning hunting and agreeing to let farmers shoot them is rediculous if people hunt with dogs there are two parts to it they get caught and killed or escape and live end of but if someone takes a shot and mis aims the fox is going to go off and die a vicious pain due to blood loss starvation infection or other creatures and you animal rights people think thats more humane hahahahahahaha !!!!! you havent got a clue

Danny fox says:

The only good fox is a dead fox am sorry but the cause devastation when they get among live stock I saw 2 foxes attack a young lamb as the mother tried to fend them off they kill for no reason it’s not for survival that’s for sure

tara says:

derek, their food supply limited,?? their is rabbits,chickens,rats,lambs,bins everywhere, they eat better than most humans
stu you say you live in the country then say my town?? which is it, they might not be vermin to you as they are not eating your chickens, lambs etc.
they are over populated so much so that they have become tamer like bears abroad they are now raiding bins eating food that is most of the time poisons to them or bad for their health, just cuz they look a bit like a dog, they will never make a pet that most of you think they could, give it more time and them to get more populated we will start seeing a few more people attacked, i wonder would people have the same opinion if this was a mass of stray cats and dogs running the streets??

ihateyou says:

i love foxes , they aint vermin and i think you are a 42 year old fat man

Adam says:

Are these the same suburban residents who were sleep deprived by all propaganda against farmers keeping fox populations under control a few years ago? I’m shocked the fox population has increased and has moved into cities…

Stu, 13, from County Durham says:

I live in the countryside so foxes are a common site around our town, and we cherish them, they are not vermin, we all like to see them.

Derek Galsworthy says:

There is a lot of hysterical, uncorroborated nonsense spoken about foxes. Their numbers are limited by territory and food supply, so glimpses of these beautiful shy creatures are unlikely to increase by much in the future. They are pretty much at the top of the british wildlife food chain, and we should treasure their presence.