Malaki Paul Has Got Talent.. But Is Too Young For TV?

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The trouble with running a talent show year on year, is that believe it or not, there’s only so much ‘talent’ about in the UK. So when you’ve harvested all the best acts, you have to start looking somewhere else, or you’re out of business. As such, ITV have been accepting younger and younger applicants for Britain’s Got Talent in recent years. But is it right to subject young children to the pressures of live television or should age be no barrier if you have a gift?

Last night Malaki Paul wowed ITV viewers with a stunning audition (below) but at nine years-old, is he ready for life in the goldfish bowl? Audience opinion was well and truly divided last night..

“It really was uncomfortable viewing with Malakai. I think he had a beautiful voice but he clearly isn’t ready..” said one commenter on The Sun’s website, while another added.. “Mother shouldn’t put him through it until he can handle it.”

Yet others reacted to the suggestion of an 18 years and over rule by arguing that.. “If we did that then you would not discover new talent until it was too late! As long as they are looked after correctly then there shouldn’t be a problem.”

BGT has previous when it comes to this and few fans will forget the way young Hollie Steel broke down on the show a couple of years back. Ronan Parke was also put through a great deal of stress after some complete jackass cooked up a theory that the whole show was rigged last year and dozens of other youngsters have passed through the system. Cowell’s track-record of turning the young starlets he finds into credible stars is questionable..

So what do you think? Should we stop mollycoddling these youngsters or should they be held back until they are old enough to handle the pressure of life in the goldfish bowl?

Naa says:

Young or old, talent is talent and one has to use what he’s got to bless the world or make a change in the world. Have you forgotten what happened to the people who buried their talents without nourishing it for it to grow, in the bible? This is the time and a chance for him to develop as well as get the right help. And pls don’t be hard on her mum. You can see that she is Malaki’s source of strength and his all. We shd rather praise her for raising such a fine gentleman. God bless you mum, God bless you Malaki.

Imagine, you had a wonderful talent like malaki but was not allowed to express it. How awful, I believe this world would be. To fulfill ones dreamed, is more than words can express

Terry says:

When I was little older that Malaki I was offered a scholarship because the school saw something in me I didn’t know I had. My mother talked me out of for all the wrong reasons and as a kid I knew no better. Later in life, when I realised what I’d missed, I never forgave her. I wish I’d had a mum like Malaki’s.

Thomas says:

I’m totally surprise at most comments on issues like this ,even the author of this article doesn’t really understand what he or she was putting cross the audience.
Britain should be proud of malaki,his mum should be the best mum in the world,malaki talent was notice early by his mum and she carefully groomed him to be a star,is not an easy job singing at that stage,we have seen a lot of adult coming to BGT and totally messed up.
Catch them young should be encourage and management properly and thats why we’ve got programme like BGT…do you know how old is micheal jackson when he started singing,pls nothing is wrong if he has got the talent to showcase,you too can bring your kids if they will even be able to hold the mic talk more of singing.
Check out the young chinesse gymnast at the olympics ,you will be marvell at the instant brillance.

renee says:

what if this was he dream and what he wanted. You all sound bitter. What happened to the child in you who dreamed big things. The dreamers are the one who make the world go round. A good example is Walt Disney let he try and even if he doesn’t make it, at least he could look back and say “I had a dream i went after it and I as good damn good. And I conquered my fear in the face of millions and boy oh boy did i win their hearts. And by the way make you need to spend more time looking at the video clip a little closer it was just the women that were moved. So if they loose you as a fan am pretty sure the show will go on because last i check the sun was in the sky not at your home.

Sarah says:

Everyone shut up – malaki is the best singer ever, u can’t say his mom was pushy – she wasent, he wanted to go on bgt n his mom was concerned but encouraged him in everyday. Leave him alone – he is only 9 years old n has great potential. Don’t be harsh to him jut becus ur jealous n everyone loved him.

dave says:

there should be a minimum age for appearing on ‘reality’ TV, I find them very exploitative, I hope some under 18 sues Cowell et al for it later in life.

Mamafrika says:

I am seek of people like you mac says.
I am a grown up now and with a complicated life, just becouse I give my ears to people like when i was a child. Malaki is on a perfect age to develope what ever he choose to do with his talent. I am from Africa and whem I was 10yrs old I had a farm foul of beans as was never seen in the region. So people starte talking like Mac Says, I had to leave the are becouse I was frustrated and desapointed. Peale people let Malakias(P)be and folow his can do’s. other wise won’t be long befor he is at London under ground seaching for chances.

Jason says:

Wow, this kid is 9 years old and when he is 29 years old he’ll be able to look back on the AMAZING feat that he accomplished! Bottom line, the world is tough and its tough from the time you come out of the womb. This kid learned a valuable lesson in hanging in there when things get rough! That’s how winning gets done. His mother didn’t push him at all, she supported him. If you watch closely, it was the judge who asked if he wanted to continue. No one made him.

And to all of the people who say he is not AMAZING: fine. Maybe he isn’t perfect, but he’s nine and he’s already a whole lot better than most of the people on the radio now! The show is called Britain’s Got Talent, not Britain’s got Superstars. Talent is, by definition, natural aptitude. Aptitude, is a natural ability or tendency. Talent is therefore more about the potential to be skilled and not skill itself. This kid has the raw talent to become truly great.

Don’t ruin his accomplishment with this nonsense. Be better than that.

sean says:

Never too young to become a star……. Little chap may have been emotional not because of stage fright but may have been putting some meaning to the song while singing and ended up unable to sustain…. please give him a chance to eb who he want to be….Best for him to be there than to be on the streets getting involved in gun violence…..

Mel says:

I agree with Corey….the mother didn’t force the kid, she was as concerned about him as she should have been, they gave him the choice and he sang! For the love of God, stop acting like EVERY parent is bad just because they let their kid follow their dream! He has stage fright, it is fine, he will work through it if he really wants to sing. If not, he will figure that out and stop. Watch the show or don’t, but don’t make claims about his mother that you don’t know anything about!

Corey Henderson says:

How could anyone come to the conclusion in that short amount of time that his Mother made him sing the song. I can only see her as his encouragemnet and the fact that she has probably been the only one there supporting him throughout his life shows in the hug and the fact he was reassured she believed in him. People shouldnt judge the way a parent raises there child because no one is an expert. The child has that raw talent that can’t be taught, but can be developed into something great. I applaud him and his Mother.

Marrianne Strong says:

Lena Zavoroni Bonnie Langford and Lenny Henry were youngsters when discoivered on Opp. Knocks and New Faces so nothing new there.

As long as they are cared for although I do accept Lena ended up with problems

mac says:

Just get any cute kids to stand on stage and sing somewhere over the rainbow. The show would just be full of kids. If he wins i will never watch the show again.

mac says:

Hes OK, not AMAZING, like that kid opera singer in america who out of this world, the problem is that he is cute and gets points on that. BGT truns into a cute contest and motherly instinct tends to favour cute kids which in my opinion is wrong for the show. You are cute when you are young and polite, its not a talent, and shouldn’t be seen as one. He shouldn’t have gone through. If he gets a second chance everyone should get one. I think kid singers should be barred from entering. Period.

NJC says:

His mother is pushie: Your young lad of 9 years old, has a great voice-.
GIVE HIM A TIME TOO BE A CHILD!!. We have seen so many kids, that get the stardom and fall!!.- He bought me to tears like the reat of the panel!. I am only sorry that Amanda Holden did not get up there first and give him the hug, that he needed so many times, before he went on the show..