Video: Charlie Brooker’s ‘Sun Poem’

February 16, 2012 by  
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If you missed Charlie Brooker’s memorable two-minute assault upon the The Sun newspaper on last night’s 10 o’Clock Live then here it is again in all it’s glory. God bless the TV auto-cue is all we can say..

10 o’Clock Live returns next Wednesday at ..errmm.. 10pm

johnq100 says:

Spent £400+ on an ipad and you cant play flash video? What a bargain.

Remarkable says:

luscious twinkle: Actually, and this clip unfortunately cuts it off, Charlie then goes on to say “Oh, unless you count the times they HAVE had a go at witches” (not an exact quote) and shows Sun headlines doing just that.

Andie says:

Good ‘rap’ Charlie, and somewhat remeniscent of the Poison Girl’s 1980 single ‘Persons Unknown’. Maybe you remember it?

Neil says:


luscious twinkle says:

Brilliant stuff but sadly inaccurate…pagans, neo-pagans and druids have all had the Sun treatment…and ben called witches…

Peter says:

@Gfitz45: the video is directly below the still image. Jeez!

Matt says:

Video played for me. At the risk of sounding as closed-minded as the Sun itself, I’d say anyone who reads red-tops- and takes them anything like seriously- needs their head examining.

fnuts says:

It’s a Flash video. The iPad doesn’t do Flash–something which has been very widely discussed. Get with the times, jeez!

oli says:

yeah, ditto…no clip showing on my ipad, just an image. not a bad image but still, just an image.

Brian says:

Loved it!! Great stuff.

Non sence says:

@Gfitz45 I’m pretty sure those pad-I things don’t play flash movies….

Gfitz45 says:

So where is the clip? Just a still image on my iPad. Not very funny. Get with the times, jeez!