Mighty Boosh Movie AND Luxury Comedy Series Two On The Way

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Vince and Howard go to Hollywood?

Noel Fielding has revealed that he and Julian Barratt are “finally? getting around to writing The Mighty Boosh movie.

The film adaptation of the hit comedy has been in the pipeline for some time, but the oddball comedy star has finally revealed that he and his comedy partner, Julian Barratt, have been getting to work on a big screen Booshian adventure.

Fielding’s recent solo foray into the world of Luxury Comedy was met with a very mixed reaction from fans and critics, with many posters on the OTB comment boards close to disappointment induced breakdown. But earlier this week, the 38-year-old actor confirmed that he has been commissioned to produce another series of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy.

The nutter said: “Delighted to get a second series of Luxury Comedy – we’ll definitely make the second one more like a Wednesday morning.

“Channel 4 have been so supportive and given is the creative freedom to experiment with ideas and techniques. And I think we can push things further and make something even more out there next time.”

Sounds intimidating.

Some viewers may be surprised to hear that Luxury Comedy is on track for a new series but with Vince and Howard due to be reunited, we should all be able to seek some comfort in the thought that the old Boosh magic is not yet lost.

Fielding said: “I saw Julian, we went sledging together so we were talking about a Boosh where we should get together and do a film, finally!”

He added: “There’ll definitely be sledging in the Boosh film, there’ll have to be won’t there?”

Obviously, Noel.

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The Street says:

RE: ‘The word on the street is “Knowbody’s feelin this luxury comedy bollocks..’

There are no words on me.
I speak only in real time.
If you don’t find this show compelling
you are perhaps more comfortable with a world that sucks.

someone contends that this is somehow a product
of self indulgence? well, then Amen.
we have never been so lucky as to benefit from the outgrowth
of such ‘absurdity.’
this is as good as it gets.
It’s called expression.
I don’t know what you could expect more from such an artist–
did you really expect this to be like the Mighty Boosh?
Well then– THERE’s your absurdity…

Dr ravioli says:

The word on the street is “Knowbody’s feelin this luxury comedy bollocks! I watched all of it once and won’t be watching it again.I think noel is trying to hard to be insane and arty rather than funny.Stick to making loads more boosh episodes as these are a million times better.Trust me Im a doctor.

Ron says:

Hmm I wonder who has the higher IQ, Jenna or Amanda..?

Jenna says:

I think the show is brilliant. Very creative. I think it’s great how he can prove himself outside of the Boosh. Although some parts of the episodes I don’t get the humor, but it’s all very artistic and they put a TON of work into it. I loved the first 3 episodes, but the fourth one didn’t catch me as much. The Boosh will always be my favorite, but this is a second, for sure.
Great job Noel and Nigel. <3

Amanda says:

Well, I strained my way through the first episode and gave up two thirds through the second. There are funny bits, and it has vague hints of Boosh magic floating around, but the overall feeling it left me with was discomfort. Like an indigestion of the mind. I wanted to like it so badly, since I am so enamored with the Boosh, but this show is such a shameless self-indulgent display of absurdism that I just felt annoyed and extremely uncomfortable watching it. A sad day for a normally big fan 🙁