Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy Review: Poor Man’s Boosh

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If you flick over to E4 at around 10pm tonight you’ll probably think that your partner has slipped a strong hallucinogen into your tea, until you realise that what you’re watching has something to do with Noel Fielding.

A chocolate finger war veteran who has a tank made of cheese? A chef with fried eggs for eyes named Renny (sidekick to Gaviskon)? A music-producing manta ray?

This is no ordinary Thursday night fare but Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy is exactly what we have come to expect from the raven-haired nutcase.

The programme itself combines surreal live action sketches with bizarre animations, all of which manage to feature Fielding’s face and copious amounts of eyeliner. The zany characters and blinding colour schemes would look at home in any Mighty Boosh episode, but without the dour face of Julian Barratt aka Howard Moon, Luxury Comedy finds it harder to keep its head amid the chaos.

The “plot? of this first foray into the imagination of the former Mighty Boosh frontman is an elusive beast to track down. After Noel receives a “new cereal? from Secret Peter, which he later discovers is made of something rather unpleasant, he sketches a picture of footballer Pele holding a teacup. If this were a regular show you might suggest that at the “crux? of the episode is a debate about whether his felt-tip Pele is kicking a football or the accompanying tea cup to his saucer…but is it?

Hard core fans of Fielding and his previous work on the Boosh are sure to love this latest comedy offering. But it is highly likely that countless others will get lost in the labyrinthine corridors of this 38-year-old’s warped mind and emerge without much joy in their hearts. It might be refreshing to see something new(ish) and delightfully psychedelic shaking up our TV screens but some of Luxury Comedy begins to cross the line into self-indulgence.

There is still fun to be had, however. Smiles were raised. Look out for Sergeant Raymond Boombox, the Noo Yoik policeman with skin the colour of a NYC cab, who spins a bizarrely engrossing yarn with the help of a speaking knife wound. Yes, you read that right. Meanwhile the Mr Blobby-esque, Gaviskon, is less appealing. He crashes around his kitchen setting being zany for zany’s sake – if there can possibly be such a thing.

This new show may well make all the right noises and pull enough stupid faces to keep the Fielding faithfuls happy, but it will need to contain a little more actual comedy (luxury or otherwise) to hold the attention of a broader audience.

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Zoe Porter says:

I’m greedy.. can we have both.
I love the boosh and I really want the film, a new series, a album everything. But also love luxury comedy it was of course very adventurous – but series two and a tour.
Noel is the sort of person who does what he likes and those who like it like it those who don’t.. don’t. Like marmite but it has rainbows and unicorns and goth juice mixed in. He would not want to become “main-stream” that’s not his way. And Julian is amazing. What we need is a true collaboration.
We have 5 actors and props from their homes.
The fieldmice, the barratones and the booshlrs (do we have a name for “luxury comedy” lovers yet?) we know what it’s like and we will continue to stand together!

Daniel says:

The boosh gave us three beautiful cult like seasons. Noel is a great artist and entertainer,his humor is not for everyone, you seriously think that they want a bigger audience?
Great artists are oftenly misunderstod.

Gracias Noel,llevaba dos años sin ver television por que la consideraba una basura, al ver tu actuacion he vuelto a encederla, espero con ansias todos tus trabajos, un abrazo desde ecuador

Leda Muir says:

This show is the best thing out there. Its different yes but that’s what catches out attention, think of all the run down old boring shows out there that have been cancelled after three or four episodes due to low viewing figures. Noel done the unthinkable and create something so unique and different that whether you love or hate it you still can’t help but talk about it. Its a huge success. Yes its not like the Boosh but why would he make another show LIKE the Boosh, he could simply make another series if that’s what he had in mind. Great work Noel, hope to be seeing more soon.

Annie says:

People were expecting Luxury Comedy to be Boosh, it wasn’t ever going to be Boosh, instead it was something even crazier and fantastic. Television is full of reality TV or takes on reality and that’s so boring because we live reality. I think that it is amazing when a program comes along, like Luxury Comedy, that is so fantastical it is simply meant for T.V and nowhere else! People are often too quick to judge comedy and perhaps Fielding’s crazy comedy is just in the wrong era. I found it absolutely hilarious and outrageous, which I guess is a genre of comedy in itself.

bongles says:

I just took the dog for a walk and saw a massive cow pat that was more entertaining than Luxshit. It had a fly on it, and a crusty bit, classic cow pat!

Mrs Gideon says:

I wish Julian and Noel would get together again and do another series of the Boosh. Luxcom is no substitute. It lacks the heart and the humour of the Boosh. I miss the Mighty Boosh 🙁

Bones says:

Is the Boosh ever coming back?
because luxury comedy is very ordinary

Flick says:

I have not been able to shut up about it! The show is maddest of all madness! I love it! Noel is in his prime!!!! But I agree… it takes a certain mind to get this kind of humour!

Kaitlyn says:

I think luxury comedy is funky with a hint of awesome. Noel really needed do what he wanted to do so i think that luxury comedy is the play to do that!

Chilli Jilly says:

Noel…I’m disappointed! Love the art – very funky…however, it is most certainly self indulgent…I’m just not getting it??? You need a writer who can make some sense of everything…maybe we need some wacky tobaccy???

Djjage says:

Unfortunately our old friend Mr. Noel Fielding has made the mistake of thinking the more random it is the more funny it is, which sadly is not the case. This is basically just a lot of random crap piled in to god knows how many minutes I gave up on it.

I was a big boosh fan, if you are thinking this will in any way compare to the mighty boosh I’m afraid you are sadly mistaken. I very rarely laughed at this, the best I can say about it is that some of the sets, costume and make up jobs are really damn good. But apart from that I don’t have much else good to say. A lot of my respect for Noel Fielding is now sadly gone.

bongles says:

You cant polish a turd they say,but thank fuck its over. Now life can continue on its own twisted journey without that garbage stanking up valuable and expensive air time, wtf do we pay tv licences for, BBC, so why cant the other channels pull their fingers out and show them how to make money from proper tv shows!! Bring back Dusty Bin pml. And wheres some of these posts gone?

Karen says:

Bring back the Boosh!!!

paul captain harris says:

I thought it was refreshing and outside the box. It was a good platform, he took risks yeah, good, if he didn’t he ‘critics’ would then say it was bland and boring. Well done Noel, enjoy life out of the box. Rock on series 2.

Arty Clydebank says:

I’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This car crash is a turd in turds clothing. Awful.

Arty Clydebank says:

Luxury Comedy? We’ve all heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This particular masterpiece is a turd in turd’s clothing!