Misfits To Return For Fourth Series

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Given the success of the third series, the confirmation of a fourth series is something of a no-brainer and it has been confirmed by E4 bods this afternoon. Hurrah!

“I’m just in the process of brainstorming series four and nothing is set in stone,” creator Howard Overman told Digital Spy.

In the most recent run – set the finish on Sunday night – we saw the departure of Robert Sheehan, the show’s leading light. His replacement (This Is England‘s) Joe Gilgun has proved a hit as his replacement.

E4’s Misfits is billed as a science fiction comedy-drama and follows a group of young offenders as they do community service, all the while trying to cope with the effects of the superpowers they obtained after a freak electrical storm.

Despite its timeslot not being the best, leaving it to clash with other high-profile programmes such as Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, the show has managed to draw steady viewers this series. It is not just the audience that has enabled the show’s return, but the critics too. It won critical acclaim and a best drama BAFTA in 2010 and Lauren Socha also won best supporting actress for her role as Kelly in 2011.

Jed says:

Its stupid when you think about it, why doesn’t Simon go back in time to get Kurts power, then he can go forward in time to stop Alysha getting her throat slit or ulternately go back and stop them all from selling their powers and stop Nathan from going to las vagas, get the old crew back plus two and sorted. INIT LOL!!!

Rosie says:

Nathan, Simon and Alicia will not be returning sadly to seasin 4 but 3 new people shoule be;
Jess (Female)
Jess is a kind of female version of Larry David – smart and articulate, She’s the person who will say the un-sayable, the person who’ll question social norms and etiquette. Jess hates people who bullshit and lie to her.

Finn (Male)
Finn has a childlike naively optimistic view of life, he’s always eager to please and enthusiastic about life. Finn talks a lot and often uses this to try and talk himself out of difficult or awkward situations. He is very funny.

Alex (Male)
Alex is the sexiest guy on the estate. He is super good looking, all the girls fancy him but for some reason he is very standoffish, he doesn’t seem interested in girls. Everyone reads this as being extremely suspicious and suspect it’s power related.

fam says:

i can see at lest 1 way out of the Simon and Alicia time loop.
the vegas photo is explained goto >> Twitter: Simon << goto 10 Sep

amber says:

in series 4 there will be 3 new caractors but antonia thomas(alisha) and iwan rheon (simon)sadly will not be returning 🙁 but im sure series 4 will be just as good 🙂

matty says:

alisha and simon arent coming back, and the photo of them in vegas is from inbetween series 2 and series 3 when they go with nathen and marni and her baby as in episode 1 series 3 alisha is saying how cute nathen jr. is. with just kelly, nathen and rudy i think some new characters will join and maybe nathen will come back and i think seth will be more of a main character in series 4, cant wait for series 4! 😀

Liam says:

I hope that series four brings back Simon and Alisha as it won’t be the same there must be a way to bring them back as they have a picture in vagus so must be some way of them coming back into it I no on tweeter Antonia thomas sed she won’t be coming back for series four so maybe or hopefully she will be back for series five lets just hope they make a way to bring back the old cast as its no point watching it without the main cast 🙁

Dan says:

simon and alisha arent coming back so series 4 will be a rubbish one :/ series 3 was by far the worst and tbh why did they et rid of nathan so badly? and simon and alisha the same.. such a rubbish way to kill off half the original cast..

Mike says:

Who says Simon won’t come back? Alisha is definately dead, but Simon could have faked his death in the future. I know he can’t time travel back to the preset day, but if he did fake his death, he’d only have to wait a few months to get back to the present day

funkychick says:

I saw lauren socha at college she is cool.

Spanky says:

i think the best thing they could do for series four is follow future simon in the past for the first ep or whatever then he fucks up somehow changing the future and the never ending loop of him and alisha and then they can all try and fix it together who knows maybe even nathan will be back for a guest appearence but its not like he makes the show 🙂

Tam says:

It will be good If they made a movie

someone :) says:

so when will it be on tv ??

gaz says:

U must b able to see alysha and simon again as u saw a photo of them in vegas :s.. maybe they will com back with nathan who knows

jonathan says:

one of the best series i’ve ever seen!

i just really hope to see Nathan again, facing with Rodey for hanging up the call, while Nathan was in jail lol.
oh and the whole saga of Simon’s time travel should end… seriously. :/

mitch says:

I Hope There Will Be A Series 4 And Its A Shame To See Simon Ad Alysha Go Because Alysha Was My Fav 😉 Haha And simon Was Second Love All The Episodes And Hope To See Them Back I Heard Word Of Misfits And Watched One And Kept Watching More Before I Knew It Id Watched All 3 Series In 2 days On 4OD 🙂 Love It Thumbs Up There Will Be Series 4 🙂

Sam says:

Bring on Misfits series 4!! Love love love this show!! I just wish it was more than 8 episodes! I havent missed not one episode! Can’t wait till series 4!! Soo sad no more misfits! 🙁

Conall says:

It would be good if Robert Sheehan came back how amazing would it be with rudy and him Lol

Andrea says:

Oh thank god for that. I’ve been looking everywhere through google for some sort of information like this. Can’t believe my eyes of what i saw last night and was in so many tears. Couldn’t get over it. Been thinking all day aswell how the director is gonna set it all out for series 4. Really complicated when you think about it. But anyways i am so happy there will probs be a fourth season. Thought season 3 was the end of it all.

David Rees says:

MisFits is great, one of the best show’s i’ve ever seen. I hope to see Simon and Alisha, and maybe even Robet Sheehan.
It would be great iff the creature’s of MisFits could do something unexpected between Simon and Alisha.
So glad there’s going to be a series four. Great news. 🙂

Bob says:

So happy there is a series 4, I have been watching misfits since it first aired. Brilliant show, they know how to keep us wanting more! Only 8 episodes in a series but it is truly amazing. Only down side is that it takes another year for 8 episodes :/

Roll on series 4!!!

john says:

misfits is easly the best series out there at the moments,hoppefully there will be a season 4, with 2 or 3 new characters,simply love misfits,rudy is doin a great job as nathans replacement!

John says:

will simon and alisha return to series 4?

Karl says:

Woooo! So happy there is going to be a series 4! Love Misfits way way too much! Would hate to see it go!!!

yasar says:

im so excited that there could be a 4th series i cant wait, hopefully there can be because it was a shame that the end of series 3 was so emotional. Hopefully there can be a 4th series, thumbs up 🙂

FS3K says:

With Simon and Alisha departing at the end of Series four, only Curtis, Kelly & Rudy remain now. Anyone know if Nathan will return for the 4th series??