BBC Pull Captain Jack’s ‘Boy Sex’ Scene From Torchwood

July 20, 2011 by  
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When it comes to homosexuality, many of us Brits like to think that we’re slightly more liberal than our plaque-waving damnation-offering American cousins, however after pulling a scene in which Torchwood hero Captain Jack gets off with a barman, it seems the Beeb don’t agree.

The shots from episode three – apparently featuring glimpses of John Barrowman’s arse – were aired on American channel Starz, which co-financed the sci-fi drama, but are expected to be cut from the BBC One version, according to The Sun.

The Corporation confirmed that ‘minimal’ changes have been made to the episode which is due to air next Thursday, but refused to confirm which ones.

“The UK and US versions of Torchwood are slightly different. However these differences do not change the story in any way and the strong storylines are first and foremost to the series,” a spokeswoman said, before explaining that it is normal for co-productions to have slightly different edits because of their different audiences.

Yet this boy-love incident shouldn’t come as a shock to Torchwood fans, as Barrowman has been explicit about the fourth series’ contents in recent weeks: “If you’re under the age of 13 and you don’t know the facts of life, you shouldn’t be watching this series. Because I’m naked in one episode – I am full-on naked. I am bumping and grinding in this one. I am having man sex and it’s fantastic.”

Peter says:

Yeah, after the watershed, on a show always called the adult version of Dr Who, and they still cut it, idiotic, especially considering how much worse stuff shown on the other UK TV channels at the same sort of time slot has been before now.

Mickie says:

It hasn’t aired yet on Starz..Thats THIS coming Friday! And frankly I am both disapointed and disgusted with the BBC for treating it’s audiance like children. It doesn’t stop them showing sex between hetrosexuals and even lesbians (and this comes from a lesbian)

The BBC really need to grow some and treat it’s audiance with some respect! The excuse used is young Captain Jack fans may be watching! I thought we had a watershed to show parents that programmes AFTER 9pm are not suitable for kids! And they also seemed happy to show Jack killing his own grandson to save the planet!!

Very disapointed BBC!