Doctor Who Boss Drops “Reliably Defeatable” Daleks

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It’s always the twist at the end of every series of Doctor Who.

Christopher Eccleston thought he defeated the last Dalek in the known universe before bumping into a whole army of them; David Tennant oversaw the first battle between them and the Cybermen from Daleks in the London Docklands and Matt Smith managed to dodge Daleks who had attempted to disguise themselves as a packet of fruit pastilles.

Now the Executive Producer of the show Steven Moffat has admitted that they have had too much screen-time and that it was time to “give them a rest.?

Speaking to the Radio Times, Moffat said his decision to rest them from the show for a while was because they had been defeated in the show “more than 400 times.?

He claimed “They are the most famous of the Doctor’s adversaries and the most frequent, which means they are the most reliably defeatable enemies in the universe.?

“Surely they see the Tardis approaching, say ‘Oh. It’s him again’ – and trudge away.?

There has been certainly been some creative renewal in terms of characters in the last two series of the show. In the last fortnight alone we’ve been introduced to The Gangers, and in the last two series we’ve also been introduced to Prisoner Zero, Siluarians, Dream Lord, The Siren and of course The Silence.

But does removing the best known monster from the show remove the show’s appeal? Let us know.

xatoon.1 says:

nah man we need tha daleks u lot chattin breeze out ther sayin they shuld go

* tut tut tut * children!

xatoon.1 says:

no comment


Karen says:

It makes sense for Steven Moffat to give the Daleks a rest, because I don’t think he ever “got” them in the first place. The Teletubby Daleks he unveiled last season were dreadful, and justly met with derision from the fans. It’s a shame that after so much was done to make the Daleks genuinely terrifying in the Eccleston season — go back and watch “Dalek” again and see how cleverly they established that these are serious monsters — the Daleks became fairly pathetic during the Tennant era; Moffat hasn’t shown any interest in rectifying that. Perhaps someday another show-runner will see the potential in building on the foundation that was laid for dark-and-scary Daleks during the Eccleston era. If Moffat doesn’t see it, though, he shouldn’t attempt it, so I think he’s making the right decision.

Michael says:

Daleks are the best I always look forward to seeing the Daleks a true fan such as me would hate to see the Daleks leave forever. We do need others I’d also like to see a bit more of the Cybermen still keep the Daleks in it bring them back half way through when the 12th Doctor comes.

rekar says:

i think its a very good decision its realy tiring that they never die and always comeback. they appear way too often and i want to look forward to seeing them rather than be tired and expecting them all the time.

rabatat says:

“Surely they see the Tardis approaching, say ‘Oh. It’s him again’ – and trudge away.?

Eh? Surely the next time the Daleks meet the Doctor could be the first time they’ve ever seen him?

Clayton George says:

…I think giving the Daleks a rest for a couple of seasons(at least) is a very wise move. Give somebody else a chance for a while. Give the multi-colored Daleks a chance to build up their forces, recover Davros and give him a paintjob, get sneaky and play some behind-the-scenes panther games with reality, and be a truly scary monster again. The Daleks should be like cancer – you can excise parts of it from your reality, but you’re always sweating the fact that they never, ever truly die, and they always find a way to come back and get you.

David Staples says:

Introduced to the Siluarians? Even I’m not old enough to remember that as it occurred back in 1970.

Moffat’s Siluarians barely resembled the originals so they could almost count as “new” I suppose.

The Daleks used to have 5 year breaks in the old series, so this is nothing new, although I’m amazed the bean counters at the BBC (and the toy manufactures) are letting them get away with it.