Corrie Spoilers: Why is Kylie deceiving David? And Steve sees red…and yellow.

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Mags says:

OMG on 2nd March I posted asking for the wrong names to stop being used but now on the Corrie spoilers from no. 12 onwards Karl is renamed Frank!! I give up – how flipping hard is it?

Claire says:

WOW, thanks so much for this. Dont know what i’d do without these updates. Thank god for whoever does this. I hope they know that I appreciate the work they do. It is god’s work.x

Mags says:

PLEASE stop getting names wrong – it says on one of the spoilers that something is missing from “Peter’s” desk. Shouldn’t that be “Franks”?

Hijlo says:

Ur no sallys grim

Phil says:

I’d love to wake up next to sally , Webster or Whittaker, Becky too !!