Holby City Review: HD Good. Holby’s House Better

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HOLBY CITY: Tuesday 19th October, BBC1, 8pm ALERT ME

For all the fanfare about the fact that Britain’s favourite hospital soap will now be broadcasting in HD, the really exciting thing about this week’s Holby City is the arrival of opprobrious Director of Surgery, Dr Henrik Hansson. The omniscient patrician-like newby offers diagnosis nearly as fast as he distributes withering one-liners. Could he be Holby‘s House? Either way. We like.

The sarcastic yet strangely affable doctor arrives at the hospital unexpectedly to replace Michael Spence, and is quickly nicknamed ‘The Angel of Death,’ by the staff. Unlike the arrogant, brassy strut usually akin with the doctors at Holby General, we find Hansson looms around the wards dishing out his unwelcome criticisms like a scalpel-wielding Stalin.

Brought in to help save a failing hospital, the hot shot doctor immediately starts to make radical changes that will see some of Holby’s most loved characters made redundant. He is sharp and sarcastic, but during a scene with the bright young son of a patient a softer side is revealed. Perhaps there is more to this doctrinaire than meets the eye?

Needless to say the hospital’s queen bee Connie Beauchamp doesn’t take kindly to Hansson, played by Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows star Guy Henry, trying to takeover her territory. As the dogmatic doctor waves his wand of autocracy, it would appear that her hold over Holby is diminishing almost as quickly as her ghastly, ever-shrinking fringe.

It is precisely for this reason that this new character is so appealing. Not only does he add an element of much-needed humour to the drama, but the volatile rapport between him and Connie is thoroughly engaging and leaves little doubt in our minds that he will quickly become an exciting addition to the show.

Elsewhere, busy acting as an advocate for why too much botox is always ill-advised, Patsy Kensit’s character Faye is rapidly losing the plot. During surgery the ward sister gets blood on her hands and, in a moment of metaphorical genius from Holby City big wigs, sees it as a representation of her part in Lindon’s death.

Let’s hope other romantic liaisons on the wards aren’t going to become quite as tedious as the Faye/Lindon/Joseph love triangle, for Chrissie takes quite a shine to dashing Irish doctor Greg this week. As the attractive Sister falls for his lucky charm, the loveable yet lolloping clown Sacha is left as a mere bystander, probably looking after their somewhat forgotten lovechild!

With all this romantic hullabaloo going on and an ‘Angel of Death’ apparating around the hospital, it seems like Holby is just getting interesting…!


I think Henrik Hanssen is brilliant as do I think the new HD titles are I can’t wait for Lila Rouses and Jimmy Akingola when they arrive, apart from these character arrivals does anyone know if there are any others arriving perhaps as Henrik is reminded of Anton Meyer mabey Holby should get a new Nick Jordan as well.

Anyway do you guys want to help me write an Idea for a script that I’m trying to write and one day try to send to the BBC or ITV it’s called The Force and it focuses on uniform and CID officers from a inner London police station as they try enforce law and order on a day to day basis perhaps you guys can help me name the station and give me ideas for episodes or characters.

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OntheBox says:

Well spotted PLA! Thanks (ed)

PLA says:

Great review. I’m looking forward to seeing more of Henrik Hanssen – he reminds me of the much-missed Anton Meyer. I was worried with so many people leaving Holby that it might be less enjoyable, but as long as new characters are of the calibre of Guy Henry (not Pearce as you said)and recentish additions Bob Barrett and Olga Fedori, it’s looking good for the future.

Fergie says:

This new guy is great. Definitely think that he is going to spice up Holby a bit. Thought the review did him justice too.