The King Is Dead Review: What’s Up With The Bird?

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THE KING IS DEAD: Thursday 2nd September, BBC3, 10.30pm ALERT ME

Simon Bird is brilliant as the uber-nerdy babe anti-magnet in The Inbetweeners and after watching the opening scene of his new show, we were getting ready to congratulate ourselves on another half-hour well spent. That was until he and his co-stars were whisked off to some TV studio… A panel show? OK, slightly harder to pull off, but let’s just see how it goes… Sadly, our faith was not rewarded.

The King Is Dead is a spoof in which Bird and his sidekicks interview three celebrities for a position of great authority. In tonight’s opening episode, the vacancy is in the White House – giving our hosts the chance to make some expected, but still rather funny jibes at our friends across the pond. Indeed one of the highlights of a rather disappointing episode came when the panel rip on ‘Darren’ for being a Brit: “Listen to his accent”, “what’s wrong with your teeth?” etc. However, when you take a peak at the rest of the series and find that several of these mini-japes are going to be churned out again and again, then you start to feel a little concerned.

Admittedly the whole Darren situation was quite funny on this first occasion, but watching Bird’s colleague pressing Peaches Geldof to disclose who she prefers out of Stalin and Mugabe gets old almost as the words are leaving his mouth. “Oh I couldn’t chose..” she replies. “But what if you had to!?” Groan… Joining Peaches in the queue to be the next President is Sarah Beeney and James Corden. Aside from Corden’s well-documented cr*pness (he actually seems to have confused being humorous with laughing inanely at all times..) there isn’t much to else worthy of comment here.

Slouch says:

I think Simon Bird is really funny as Will MacKenzie in the Inbetweeners, but watched the King Is Dead yesterday and the guests were an interesting choice but I just thought to myself I don’t get whats so funny about it but with all due respect I still think he looks like a smart person and I dont think that it’ll “ruin” his career

Ab says:

Cringe worthy show. It’s incredibly degrading to its guests and since it’s not all that funny you tend to pity them for having to put up with it. The entire show has an amateurish feel to it.

Josh says:

This show is dead. Well it definatly didn’t come to life!

Should of stuck to inbetweeners. Fair enough it might of been fun to make, so all the best for them, but it really isn’t good television, and it wasn’t a laugh at all. The ‘sidekicks’ weren’t funny, often pressing the judges too far, and making either mild racist remarks or generally unfunny remarks about friends of the celebrities, such as danny minougue to Louie walsh.

I’ve seen simon bird at stand up, but I think a gameshow host draws the line.

Do NOT recommend, nothing like simon bird’s usual comedic performances.

mike says:

That program truly was shit, I can’t believe I wasted 28 minutes and 38 seconds of my life.

Simon Bird is clearly an intelligent person, so why he’s forced this patronising drivel on us is infuriating.

Simon should have stuck to being a type-cast nerd, as he could have eked out a semi-decent career in the sidelines. Instead he’s committed television suicide by seemingly dumming down and trying too hard at the same time.

Can you tell I’m disappointed?

Lucy Aslett says:

I enjoyed the king is dead, I’m a fan of Simon Bird and saw Nick Mohammed in Edinburgh last year and enjoyed his space show. This is a good show and it made me laugh. I don’t know how you can say James Corden is crap?! He is a brilliant actor and writer and offered more to the show than the other 2 guests put together? Slightly confusing that you’d single him out in such a way?

Rogry says:

I thought the show was shcoking and thing that this is the such a let down from the usual quality SImon Bird brings to The Inbetweeners. Such a let down but i do hope that this will not ruin his carrer