EastEnders Spoilers: Phil’s Fake Engagement Is Off and Alfie Gets Proof…

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Sharon K says:

Merry Christmas everyone! I wish you all the courage to defend those that need it, humility and modesty enough not to promote yourself at the expense of others and a good strong cup of tea with your east enders tonight! One complete, fantastic hour of bliss!!

Lu Lu says:

When is Kat gonna give birth cause shes been pregnant longer than a pregnant woman should! POP THAT BABY OUT ALREADY!!!!

melissa says:

i love eastenders it is my fave program my fave actor is stacy and kat thay r realy funny how is your fave actor

Ben Francis says:

Hiya! eastenders is sooooooo cool tanya is hot, just like a girl in my school(nancie Mead)!!!!!

Ben Francis, 10.

AMY says:


Number 4 says:


MnM says:

only wanted to know what will be happenin at ronnie and jacks weddin… ??this has been an eye openin read anyhoo lol !!! 🙂

what i would like is to some one to talk about it today

omg shaz over hereing thing and stop butting into things, sam is right someone should come and rip your face off oh and goooooooo sam!!!!!

omg shaz over here-ing things to much why are u butting in for, sam is right some one should really come ronund and rip your face off oh and goooooooo sam!!!!!!!!

omg shaz over here-ing things to much why are u butting in for, sam is right some one should really come ronund and rip your face of oh and goooooooo sam!!!!!!!!

omg shaz over here-ing things to much why are u butting in for, sam is right some one should really come ronund and rip your face of

why do all of u have to say bad words it’s not the world or something so why are saying it theres no for it is there!!!!!!!!

i think the train will stop just in the nick of time and if it doesn’t stop one of them will proberlliy be ingered are die

i love kat and alfie stacy rian and jannie

JASS says:


HJ says:

“Vanessa is revealed as a slapper”


I assume this is a reference to Vanessa having had an affair? I wonder if On the Box would have described Harry in such a way if it was cheating on his part being revealed? Less of the lazy sexism please. Gendered slurs for promiscuous women are very old-fashioned and give a bad impression of the site.

emily says:

hi everybody i love estendeas its fun too whach when iam bored

Wayne says:

Are we talking about Corrie?

Who Cares says:

🙂 I came looking to find out whether anything is found out about Billie (who just died, not Billy Mitchell) at the end of the week as I’d heard there was something interesting that comes out. That said, I found much better entertainment from your above comments. Thanks for the laughs guys.

Big Sammy's Arse says:

Who is Billie?

Kuro says:

In response to the above discussion/debate (catfight?), I’d like to put forwards a point from an actual young person, one in high school and not yet at degree level, nor old enough to have any kind of retrospect on my youth since it is very much ongoing.

As much as it pains me to see people from educated backgrounds with such snobbish views, I have to say that my initially high respect for Sam dwindled somewhat at his/her comment of

“read it fucking properly next tme you knob shank, seriously someone needs to rip your face off and feed it to whichever sorry slut is sad enough to like you, go fuck yourselve you cunt”

Seriously, I hate that swear words and personal attacks are necessary to prove a point. That aside, I agree with his/her point. Watching Eastenders does not denote a particular background, intelligence, or life philosophy.

roxxy says:

what the fuck, all these comments, what difference does it make how people spell as long as we can understand it we are not typing letters to the queen here!!! no need for all that swearing business just talking about eastenders, right?!!

Sam says:

Thanks 3children 🙂

3children says:

hey sam i agree with u people should not be judged by what they watch on tv and its nice to sit down after work and chillout
go sam x

@ Big Sammy

Whats wrong with the X-Factor? 😉

Sam says:


oh and my post was clearly addressed to Montorgue & big sammy, before you make judgement concrning a persons beliefs why not read what they actually wrote first as you would have noticed I didn’t pick up on anyone spelling etc other than my own, you inbred retarded fuckhole, how dare you slam me when I defended people such as yourself – maybe Montorgue & big sammy were right in what they put forward afterall.

Sam says:

shaz, I was defending people who were called stupid for watching this programme i.e. those twats that stated that everyone was ignorant simply because they watch eastenders


– read it fucking properly next tme you knob shank, seriously someone needs to rip your face off and feed it to whichever sorry slut is sad enough to like you, go fuck yourselve you cunt

Danielle says:

I can’t believe the stupid spat I just read.
Firstly, you all are clearly just trying to use your extended vocabulary to create the illusion you are intelligent and secondly..
This is a forum about soaps.. so what if people are being a bit complacent with their grammar or spelling, its only a website get a grip! lol.
Oh and to put us back on the subject of EASTENDERS.. I really hope Richard turns out to be Mintys as that would be some twist!

shaz says:


Sam says:

ironically there were several typos in my previous post (‘working toward a the’, for example) – I am of course expecting you to be pedantic about this, try and be the bigger person and read the message rather than the typing errors

Sam says:

Montorgue & big sammy: Your unsubstantiated presupposition regarding the intelligence of viewers is offensive. It is somewhat naive to put forward such a provocative premise. It is problematic to determine the intelligence levels based solely on comments made to this board or based on television programme preferences, or education level for that matter given that superior intelligence does not mandate a certain level of education ( there are many individuals that demonstrate significant aptitude, irrespective of academic achievement) Furthermore, given the absurdity of your statements, in conjunction with the premise that you must at least be interested in the show to prompt your visit this web page, you propound your own views concerning the relationship between intelligence and programme preference. The comments pertaining to pride, work ethic and so forth are particularly dumbfounding, such a generalisation is ludicrous, for example – I watch the show, I am currently working toward a the completion of a PhD, whilst caring for my disabled mother and working full-time – thus, I hardly qualify as one that lacks pride, work-ethic or academic achievement. Indeed, a preponderance of the viewers typically engage in watching Eastenders (and comparable programmes) to relax after a tiring day at work.

Egg says:

Is eastenders going to be finished because the Vic is the Highlight of the show….

robbie jackson says:

i hope they capture lucas, take of his mask and find that its well’ard.

IceQueen says:

I thought we were talking about Eastenders? lol

Dappyofficial says:

Fuckin hat Lucas he killed own
Who saw his foot yesterday???? 🙁 YUK!!!!!!

adeeba says:

wow i just love phils actin

sophie says:

I love fatboy he is so cool and i love his fat boy van.i feel so sorry for
billy.i do also feel sorry for jack but then again fish is right he always acts like a big guy.

Emma says:

I, too, agree with ‘Big Sammy’. I could cry when I see comments such as the above. It seems that people have no respect in themselves or others and just do not even TRY. One does not have to be an “academic” to look in a dictionary! Jay is obviously a could-not-care-less person who is very lazy and asks us all to join in his pathetic attitude. No wonder Britain is in such a mess. No one has any pride in themselves or their Country ….sad.

From someone who no longer lives in the UK because of the general attitude similar to Jay.

Roxanna says:

Hi i love eastenders

Jay Jacks says:

Just to comment on ‘big sammy’ and ‘Montorgue’ posts…
Clearly you are both educated well, however, we are of course not all privileged enough to be accepted into the academic circle. How your posts come across is that you value yourselves more than someone who watches a soap or indeed more than someone who can spell correctly. Look at the bigger picture if you dare. There is a whole world out there that while English is useful it is not actually a necessity. You condemn these people through closed mindedness and complete ‘middle class’ snobbery.
Instead of sitting back and complaining about what is wrong with the Great British public in the comfort of your own homes and in front of your little computer screen, why not look for a solution instead of making unnecessary and needless comments like yours.
You speak about common sense and yet you clearly have none. The irony.

Fish says:

i do not get anthing that any of you are saying and plus i fell bad for jack that he got shot, although i think this is test since he is always acting like a big bad guy. and did any of you see what lucy and ian done to jane io think that it is bad and out of order she should have never said she was gonna give the baby to jane and got the abortion when jane told her to, even tough i do not believe in it. Any way she brought this upon her self who told her to do you know what with leon.

kim says:

i love ronnie a**** she plays well

Montorgue says:

Hi Big Sammy! Couldn’t agree more. I taught from mid ’50s to end ’60s. No the days of a well aimed piece of chalk for not listening are long gone as are “Detention” and a kick up the backside. All replaced by, Psychology, complexes, the “WHITE” board and everything else that’s responsible for the pathetically low level of our education. But don’t give up, eventually the “Wheel Turns Full Circle” and common sense will prevail. In the meantime two generations have suffered and the results are in the above comments.


big sammy says:

I hope this message board is not representative of the intelligence within the U.K. As the rest of the contributers seem to lack a basic grasp of english, well they do say the soaps are being dumbed down so this obviously reflects its audience. I expected better for onthebox not daily star readers, or is this how the young people talk nowadays. No wonder so many idiots watch crap like X-Factor if this is how they communicate.

steve says:

i dont ian is man enough to kill anyone as hes to soft of a git

aine says:

do i like eastenders

janine says:

i hat archie and janine in eastenders i live jack and roxy and amy

gratuitous says:

why is nobody hinting at the babys dad dilemma here? love on the box but the soaps need to up there game big stylee