EastEnders Spoilers: Phil’s Fake Engagement Is Off and Alfie Gets Proof…

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gemma says:

how wold dump fat boy because of Tyler kissed whitney well i hope in eastenders
she needs to chose to go with and i hope she chose fat boy lol

hey write to me if u love eastenders i love tyler and antothy ryan whitney lauren abbey and jay sexxyyy

Chloe says:

If you disagree with the story/storylines then let me ask you a question.

Why are you watching Eastenders if you dont like them!?

Why are you READING this blog ?

We all have out own opinions and views but if your not going to say anything nice then just dont say anything !

G.Wilson says:

Why are people talking about the baby swap storyline when this article is about Afia and Tamwar’s wedding ?
Floss, if when you mentioned the word sicko you were refering to the baby swap story then I apologise. Even though I still don’t agree with you 100% as I think the soaps are there to portray real life events, I can at least see where you were coming from.
Again I apologise, I hadn’t read anyone elses comments, only your’s as it was the 1st, and I thought you were refering to the wedding storyline.

G.Wilson says:

Floss – When you say “what ever sicko thought of this story wants shooting”, what is it that you mean ? Do you have a problem with a storyline about two people of non-English descent getting married ?
It’s just that I can’t think of anything else you would be getting so worked up over. You shouldn’t even have a problem at all. If you do then it’s you that’s the “sicko”(you’re own word. I’d have used racist). And an illiterate one at that. Whatever is ONE word, and most people would type wants as want’s.

matthew says:

nerds, u all are.

matthew says:

yh, but its showing jim and dot, and ronnie and jack and the cot death, because its saying to people, ”this is what can happen to people”, so basically they are saying this can happen in real life.

yellow_emma says:

i think the storyline between jay and abbey is going to last – or will it ?
and apparentely abbey and max is in a car crash and max dies /////i dont believe every thing that i read but i think this story is real ………..!!!!

kathy konuralp says:

Alfie and Kat can’t split up Love them PLEASE GIVE KAT HER BABY BACK

etc etc says:

by the way that jodie is dressed in slide 13, perhaps janine should be pimping her out as well.

PEOPLE says:

i THINK you mean Bianca not Tiffany in the photo captions??!

Wez says:

I think people need to get a life, A story line is just that, a story. It does not reflect real life, do the people who complain watch anything else on TV some of the stuff is a heck of a lot worse than that!

rikki armstrong says:

I do not think the story line should reflect on real life yes there are people who have lost children/babies n most of them would never dare steal anothers baby but it prob has happened somewhere at sometime I think that the actress that plays ronnie has shown her deserperation as the charcater and I also must say the actress that plays kat has also done a brillant job of showing how a mother in real life would act/feel. Eastenders is one of my fav soaps I always think the actors/actress do the storylines justice.

chelsie says:

i dont think that story line is right because mum that have lost there children to cot death could sent them to the road of greveing it isnt right.

Floss says:

what ever sicko though of this story wants shooting