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5MISFITS: Saturday 10th July, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

A bunch of young offenders would usually be the last people that you’d want to see get superpowers but in the interests of fantastic television, it turned out to be a very good thing that five tearaways doing a community service stint ended up receiving more special abilities than you would find in the average X-Men film.

Misfits is a witty and original drama/comedy which has more style than a copy of Vogue. If all that’s not enough, it’s also quite exciting into the deal. Imagine a transmogrification of Skins, Heroes and The Inbetweeners, and you’re as close as you can get to thinking of this new show which is being re-run on Channel 4 after causing a stir on E4 last November.

The opening episode starts when six teenagers doing a half-arsed paint job on a few park benches are engulfed by a monumental hail storm. They flee back to the community centre but are struck by lightning on the way. One by one, they subsequently find that they now have various new abilities, such as a knack for reading minds, becoming invisible or time-shifting.

These gifts may be pretty standard (as superpowers go) but things get a lot more interesting – and even more hilarious – when a highly-flirtatious girl discovers that anyone she touches is immediately gripped with a violent desire to have intimate relations.

To make matters more complicated still, their community service supervisor (who was also struck in the storm) has turned into a raging lunatic hell-bent on murdering the lot of them.

Although Misfits is certainly clever enough to be of interest to older viewers, the urban soundtrack and ruthlessly relevant pop-culture referencing should lead to younger audiences embracing this quickly.

It’s funny and ironic in a way that countless shows before it have tried and failed to be, traits highlighted no better than at the end of this episode when one of our new friends buries a dead body and says (in an oddly Graham Norton-like lilt) – “I’m pretty sure this breaches the conditions of my ASBO.?

chatterbox says:

transmogrification – nice 🙂

clive says:

i look forward to this highly flirtacious girl!