Top Gear Preview: Revved Up

June 26, 2010 by  
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TOP GEAR: Sunday 27th June, BBC2, 8pm ALERT ME

After presenter James May claimed that Top Gear will be a little more serious with a bit ‘less tomfoolery’, we were a little saddened.

No more childish shenanigans? Less throwing cars into caravans from great distances? What on Earth will the show be about then?

Oh yeah, critiquing cars. Well, as entertaining as James, Jeremy Clarkson and insurance hazzard Richard Hammond are, we want our tomfoolery dammit!

It might be taking on a slightly more serious look at cars but Top Gear is kicking off its new series with Jeremy investigating why people don’t buy three-wheeled cars. Apparently the explanation for why we’re not all driving around in Robin Reliants a la Del Boy, is not obvious.

The Stig ™ will be putting the Bentley Continental Supersports through its paces on the test track and we get to see what happened when James took on the challenge of driving a Toyota Hilux up the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajokull just days before it actually erupted.

If only he’d had held off for a fews more days we could have seen him racing away from lava and ash – now that’s a Top Gear special.

Though we dread to think what this show’s carbon footprint is, we still get a kick out of watching boys play with their toys. Gentlemen, start your engines!