Bleakely Bungles BBC Switch

June 22, 2010 by  
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Once Adrian Chiles made the controversial switch from the Beeb to ITV, question marks were instantly hovering above the head of Christine Bleakley. After rumours of a sexual relationship between the two were scotched, the two friends were still expected to reunite.

After recently moving to ITV, Bleakely has reportedly upset the Beeb in the process. After making her a new contract offer, the corporation claim the presenter was playing them off ITV in the hope of the most amount of money. Bleakely apparently pretended she planned to stay with the BBC.

An insider said: “Christine had ample time to decide and it looks like she was just holding out for more money from ITV. It’s fair to say she has upset some important people here who feel taken for a ride, and they won’t be rushing to work with her ever again.”

However, as with most things– there’s two sides to every coin. Friends of the star claim she was on holiday and was rushed into a decision whilst she was abroad. Surely such a lovely Irish lady couldn’t be responsible for foul play?

The debate rages on.