Dispatches: How To Save £100 Billion Live

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DISPATCHES – HOW TO SAVE £100 BILLION LIVE: Monday 21st June, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

If you read the papers every day you could logically conclude that Britain is in turmoil. Lumbered by a huge deficit, rising numbers of unemployed and a severe Budget that seems intent on punishing public services for the lack of restraint exercised by those bastard banks, it was only a matter of time before sideline pundits started to have their say on the way things should be run.

Keeping up with the times and public mood, on the eve of tomorrow’s emergency budget, Channel 4 has assembled a team of experts headed by Krishnan Guru-Murthy for a special edition of Dispatches where the panel will try to formulate their own solution for dealing with the deficit with the ultimate goal of trying to save Britain the grand sum of 100 billion pounds. Channel 4 have kept schtum in regards the personalities who will comprise the team but it is understood their ideas vary from adding VAT on food to cutting the wages of public service workers – so they’re not angling for popular measures which should prove interesting when their proposals are put to a live studio audience who will be voting in favour or against the measures.

Are the British public willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the country or would we prefer to carry on our orgiastic, unfettered life styles until the walls come crashing down around us? Dispatches: How To Save 100 Billion Live looks set to be essential viewing and, judging by previous Dispatches efforts, shouldn’t disappoint.

sara says:

In regard to the How to Save 100 Billion programme on Channel 4. I would like to have seen them comment on cuts rather that taxes or at least as well as. When they were discussing public sector jobs perhaps they should have seen the savings by not using the incredibly high number of agency staff in the hospitals, all of which are paid 25% – 50% more than the paid staff, who are not as effective as they are moved about and often do not know the wards and patients etc therefore do the bare mimimum.
I would like to see councils stop wasting money, recently all the trams stations have had new signs and work done at the stations, unnecessary work, and unnecessary expense.
In regard to incapacity benefit – you cannot compare this to jobseekers allowance and it should not be discussed as the same. Most people on this benefit are seriously unable to work due to incapacity., it is absolutely crazy to suggest it can be treated similarly to the unemployment benefit. I was severely ill for several years, and it was only due to the support of incapacity benefit that I managed to recover and get back into work.
Money is wasted in so many ways, people who are able to work and are on jobseekers allowance could be paid such to do voluntary work, in the public sector, saving money.
Cut the wages of those on more than £80000, not those on £24000, what a ridiculous idea. A person in a couple both earning 24000 would struggle to pay mortgage etc, let alone a single person on 24000.

There are so many issues with this and it seems the obvious is not even being considered.