Wimbledon 2010 Preview: Ace..

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WIMBLEDON: Every day for the next two weeks, BBC1 & BBC2

For most people, Wimbledon fortnight means two things: tennis on television all day long and yet another national clamour surrounding the home favourite. Whether these are good or bad things depends entirely upon your partiality to the sport. Daytime television viewers will probably just be glad for a break from Doctors and J*remy K*le. What’s that? You prefer to watch Working Lunch? Of course you do…

As per usual the two remorseless tennis machines Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer will probably be contesting the final in a couple of weeks time and as much as we hope the talented Scottish baseliner Andy Murray proves us wrong – anyone who has watched these two over the last six months will concede that he remains very much an outsider. Those who remember the Nadal and Federer’s utterly epic six hour showdown a couple of years back will be salivating at the prospect of a rematch.

The women’s competition will mainly be a case of the hulk-like Williams sisters versus a legion of Eastern European starlets with overbearing and volatile fathers, with the American siblings have won out more often than not in recent years.

With the BBC showing the action from noon every day on all main & interactive channels as well as streaming the action live on their website, you should be able to keep up with the tournament wherever you are. Just don’t let your boss watching Andy Murray at work…