Wild Night In Review: In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle

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WILD NIGHT IN: Sunday 20th June, BBC 2, 8pm ALERT ME

Following the success of the BBC Wildlife Fund’s 2007 appeal, tonight David Attenborough, Kate Humble and Chris Packham return for live fundraising extravaganza, Wild Night In. Much like Comic Relief or another of its cash-generating brethren, the show has been billed as a television event which will enable viewers to donate funds which will be used all across the globe to save a wide variety of endangered species.

As well encouraging you to rescue the threatened inhabitants of our little planet, the show will also be taking a look at what happened to animals that have already been saved. Species like White Elephants in Namibia, Scarlett Macaws in Guatemala and Seahorses in the Phillipines are just the tip of the globally warmed iceberg.

Yes, the show’s overall message of ‘save the planet’ is of course an emotive and important one, but the montage clips are a little OTT in places. Yet while the filmed sections might feel a tad preachy, they’re ultimately inspiring and will hopefully persuade us to open our hearts and pockets (let’s face it we’re suckers for the cute animals..)

Wild Night In mostly tries to tug on your heartstrings, but it’s the shocking footage of bombs being thrown into coral reefs and cyanide being pumped into the water around the Phillipines that might convince you to donate. Thankfully the fund has been involved in protecting the ocean and the ‘no fishing’ zones that have been set up have made life abundant in the area again. Back on dry land, Chris Packham explores the Guatemalan jungle to explain how the Scarlett Macaw program has benefitted from the BBC Wildlife Fund and gets to meet an extraordinarily beautiful six week old Macaw.

It might lack the finesse of a David Attenborough special, but you can’t deny the passion that other nature presenters have for what they do and they might just open your eyes to a cause that needs all of our help.