“Ugly” Fans Are Discriminated Against By X-Factor

June 18, 2010 by  
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ITV have been accused by disgruntled X-Factor fans of hand picking audience members to sit behind Simon Cowell so as to avoid catching any “ugly? people on camera.

Supposedly only pretty youngsters receive the great honour of looking at the back of Cowell’s head with some lucky enough to see the backs of Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Natalie Imbruglia.

Apparently security staff have been informed to peruse the lines of fans waiting to enter the studio and selecting the pick of the crop.

Twitter users have made the allegations. One Tw*tter said: “They go through the queue and pick the good looking ones.?

One user calling themselves @GirlsAloudMedia, wrote: “LG security said it was pretty people and that it was all run by X Factor so they couldn’t stop it.”

ITV bosses are yet to respond to the claims probably because they’re true. “Ugly” fans of the X-Factor are advised to stay at home.

Johno says:

Quite right too. Who wants to look at ugly people. I have to do that every day in the mirror. I don’t want it on TV as well!