Smith Didn’t Feel He Could Play Dr. Who

June 18, 2010 by  
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Matt Smith has revealed that he felt inadequate for the first month of shooting Doctor Who as he believed he wasn’t a good enough actor. It’s understandable when you consider who he was replacing – the legendary David Tennant – and at the young age of 26.

Smith spoke of receiving the scripts for the first time and being intimidated by their complexity.

Matt told reporters at the London premiere of this Saturday’s episode: “In my first week I rang my dad and went, ‘I’m in trouble. There’s a lot of stuff to learn. The type of language it is and everything else.’ I talked to my dad a lot through my first month.

He addecd:”I just tried to be brave and to be honest really, which is what every actor tries to do.”

Fans should note that Doctor Who: The Pandorica Opens will screen this Saturday on BBC1 at 6.40pm.