Big Brother 11: Rachael First Out

June 18, 2010 by  
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Beyonce lookalike Rachael was the first person to be evicted from the final Big Brother tonight as the public voted to keep posh squatter Shabby and ultra annoying loner Sunshine in the house.

Ironically enough, Rachael wasn’t up for eviction until Dave chose her to replace him in the public vote-off earlier this week. At the time he explained that he only selected her because he felt she was the most ‘likable’ housemate and would not be ousted by the public. Well, shit happens.

However the real shock of the evening was the fact that Sunshine – who received a massive ten nominations from her fellow housemates – was saved despite the fact that fans were heard to be chanting “Sunshine out” during tonight’s live show.

Rachael’s last few days in the house were characterised by an ongoing row with John Joe. She seemed to want some sort of relationaship with the Aussie, he said that he “f**king hated her”..

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