John Makes Rachel Cry In BB Spat

June 17, 2010 by  
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Big Brother contestant John James knows no bounds seemingly as he continues to upset fellow housemates. In the latest of a string of verbal confrontations, John has now managed to upset Beyonce lookalike Rachel by criticising her evident desire for fame.

Rachel was seen to be in tears yesterday after the Australian laid into her for discussing potentially lucrative media deals she’d like to initiate once she is evicted from the house.

Housemates have tried to diffuse the situation by warning John to tone down his comments or risk becoming a hate figure both inside and outside the house.

Wading into the debate Govan said: “I don’t like to see her sobbing like that.?

He then added: “A bit of self-control wouldn’t have hurt there.?

At least partially self-aware the Australian has concluded he’ll probably be up for eviction next week.