Desperate Housewives Review: Skeletons In The Closet

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DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: Wednesday 16th June, Channel 4, 10pm ALERT ME

The sixth series of Desperate Housewives is shaping up to be one of the most explosive yet.

So far viewers have been treated to weddings, plane crashes and a pair of unrealistically hot lesbians getting it on over cookies to quench their thirst for drama, but these are all about to pale into insignificance as the ongoing mystery as to who has been attacking the young women of Fairview is about to be solved.

In this week’s episode, the unfortunate life of one of Wisteria Lane’s smaller characters Eddie is told through a series of flashbacks. Up until now the long-haired teenager has been much of a nobody, only really showing up when it seemed all the other characters had reached their dialogue quota for the season. Eddie, however, harbours a dark past and an even darker secret.

Across the street, in another unbelievable yet humorous storyline: Lynette is still on a mission to split up her son and his Russian bride-to-be Irena, whom he met travelling in Europe. Never one to do things by half, Lynette heads straight to border control to dig up the dirt on the temptress. It seems Eddie isn’t the only one keeping secrets, for Irena turns out to have husbands all over the globe.

Whilst Lynette is relieved to have saved her son from the claws of the Russian con artist, it seems that she should have concentrated more on the atrocious moustache he returned with. Irena was quite a picture by comparison.

Susan and Mike are having marital problems again (yawn), and this time it is over Mike’s refusal to accept financial aid from his wife. They have had more ups and downs than Gaby has had margaritas, and whilst the whole relationship is getting quite tedious it is worth it to see Susan emerge from her house ready to bash the repossession man with a saucepan. Quite frankly, that’s how we like the women of Wisteria Lane.

Elsewhere, the Bolen family have an unwelcome stranger loitering outside their house, Bree is torn between newcomer Sam and her estranged son Andrew, and Gaby realises that being a mother is more important to her than she had realised.

It certainly isn’t an episode that will blow viewers away, but it prepares us for the upcoming season finale that judging by the series so far is going to be worth the wait.

joanna says:

I hate Irena – she was a total nightmare! I’m glad Eddie killed her! In other news, susan and mike are fast indeed becoming tedious.