James Corden’s World Cup Live: The Aftermath

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JAMES CORDEN’S WORLD CUP LIVE: Saturday 12th June, ITV1, 9.45pm ALERT ME

After seeing Sun Tzu afficianados at Channel 4 use their lack of political muscle to create an infinitely more entertaining election night special, ITV are looking to do something slightly similar by dressing the World Cup up as a competition that might appeal to more than 50% of the population this month.

The major differences between Channel 4’s off-beat joke fest and this programme are that World Cup Live will not replace but follow the action – and that these half hour ‘celebrations of football’ will not be presented by Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell but the distinctively less amusing James Corden and Abbey Clancy. Nevertheless guest appearances from Andrew Flintoff and Katy Perry in this first show should make it worth a watch.

Other recurring highlights will include all the latest injury alerts from the England camp, exclusive interviews with some of the biggest names in English football and the chance to see Corden update his very own human World Cup wall-chart. The Gavin & Stacey star and his alluring sidekick will be appearing on our screens after every live evening match on ITV, but with this one coming in the immediate aftermath of England’s opening group game against the USA, there’s a chance they could be working with a very disgruntled audience. It will probably Heskey’s fault if they are…

Tracey says:

I have grown a single hair on my chin not getting rid of it so i can support the beard but i think england played awfull as normal when we get sent home hope u will still be on tv

Tracey says:

I am soooo passionate about our country and have to say that the england football team are an absoulute disgrace. I have seen 5 year olds play better maybe if they didnt get paid so much they may actually work to earn money as most of do and dont earn as much as they do in a lifetime let alone in a week. they dont deserve to represent our Country and Cappello doesnt deserve to be the mananger!

If they cant beat USA or Algeria then what chance next – give them the bus fare and send them home disgraced

kazla says:

why do english footballers sing god save our gracious queen when clearly it is not the english anthem??

mandy Davies says:

Loving the show – Stevie G was an amazing captain tonight. I want to have his babies!!! C’mon England – from Mandy Davies – very proud to be welsh but very much supporting England tonight!!

John byrne says:

What can you do about those annoying horns on the commentary? Can you organize a commentary without the noise?