Odds On Steve To Win Big Brother

June 11, 2010 by  
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Bookies have named Steve Gill as the favourite to win Big Brother with odds of 4/1 for the ex-soldier to scoop the top prize. The father of eight children was a victim of an IRA blast in Belfast in May 1989 causing him to lose an eye and both legs at the age of 19.

Steve recalled: “I had no idea what damage had been done. My body couldn’t cope with the pain and all I could think about was my sore finger.”

Steve, a private in the Royal Anglian Regiment, honoured the bravery of his colleagues and the event itself with a tattoo proudly displaying a bomb, the date of the attack and the chilling words: “I survived?.

Citing his children as inspiration for entering the Big Brother house, Steve added: “If my children can see me doing what I’m doing with half a body, I want them to think, ‘Imagine what I could achieve’.?

Steve also has no hang ups about wearing shorts, despite missing his legs. He said: “I purposely walk around looking the way I do. It’s better to be open about who you are.”