Dappers Review: Baby Mama Drama

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DAPPERS: Thursday, BBC 3, 9.30pm ALERT ME

This new BBC 3 comedy premiered online along with hospital horror Pulse as well as fresh and funny Stanley Park, but if you’re waiting to catch it on the tellybox then you’ll be glad you held out.

Dappers is a look at ‘broken Britain’ and the benefits culture that too many people are relying on these days. Two such scroungers are Ashley (Being Human’s Lenora Crichlow) and Faye (Ty Glaser) who are living the low-life in Bristol with their daughters and their useless baby-daddies.

After losing their jobs as cleaners for messing about on the job, the pair decide to set up a doggy daycare but start the venture off by losing a client’s expensive Pug. They rope in their strange downstairs neighbours into giving them a hand with the dogs but after a bit of attempted dog-on-man rape, they’re understandably not so keen anymore.

The pair try to get a bit of help from the men in their lives but Ashley’s boyfriend Ryan goes missing for the night and Faye’s ex Marco is too busy with his new girlfriend Flavia to get involved in the girl’s scheming.

It’s a little predictable and the comedy isn’t really the driving force behind the show but there are still some enjoyable giggles. The well-to-do neighbours are the butt of a few good gags, starting with Ashley and Faye dubbing them ‘Face Ache and Arse Munch’ but it’s a little too light on laughs overall.

Still, the rest of the series holds some promise if the pilot is anything to go by. It looks like Ashley and Faye could be involved a ‘sceme-of-the-week’ type of arc – as Marco points out, ‘You’re like Delboy and Rodders in thongs’. It’ll most likely be a slow-burning show and it might take you a few episodes to get into the swing of things but I’m guessing it’ll be worth it.

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