Jeremy Kyle Gets Death Threats

June 9, 2010 by  
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After being referred to as ‘bear baiting’ by a High Court judge last year, it is revealed that the Jeremy Kyle Show is still landing the central presenter in trouble. The broadcaster confessed on This Morning that he and his family have received death threats as a result of his controversial ITV day-time programme.

Whilst promoting his new book You Couldn’t Make It Up, he said that the death threats got under his skin, as they were directed at his whole family, including ex-model wife Carla Germaine.

He said, “I remember the very first time, I remember sitting in the house, Carla and I, and our youngest then, Alice, was at nursery and this guy rang and he said, ‘There’ll be a wreath of roses outside your door’. It was somebody in a call centre – they sussed it all out”.

“You say to yourself, ‘it comes with the territory’. Those sorts of things initially affect you and then not. I absolutely know that everyone is not going to like The Jeremy Kyle Show and Jeremy Kyle.?

You got that right, sir.

Kyle’s new book – a follow-up to 2009s I’m Only Being Honest – is released tomorrow.