A Knight Attacks A Comedian

June 9, 2010 by  
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In a bizarre incident at the Glamour Awards last night, James Corden and Sir Patrick Stewart had an impromptu bust-up on stage as the latter went up to present an award.

Hundreds of guests looked on in shock as Stewart criticised Corden’s presenting style, and then attacked his weight. After a few of his jokes fell flat with the crowd, a clearly unnerved Corden weighed in to say, “Sorry, I’m waiting for the punchline. Go on. You could see my belly but I can see you dying right now”.

As Corden stood smiling in bemusement behind him, Sir Patrick then gave Zoe Saldana her award. Along with other stars throughout the night, she was quick to jump to Corden’s defence, as she said, to a round of applause and cheers, “For whatever it’s worth, I like your belly.”

This spelled a disastrous intervention for Stewart, a taxi for whom was jokily asked for by the podgy comedian. Apart from anything else, it’s just horribly awkward to watch. See for yourself:

Halo says:

I think James handled it very well with his come back – yeah, he probably should have moved of stage but an awkward situation was laughed of an it should have been left at that.

For Patrick to then go and attack James’ weight without any kind of punchline in front of many other famous people was just plain rude, regardless of his status over James.

rob says:

why could’nt corden just not stand in the background while Patrick presented the award? There’s nothing wrong with him asking Corden not to stand around like a fool, no one ever stands in the background like a lost idiot, just move out of the way!
So yeah things got a bit personal, but if he’d have just moved there wouldnt have been a problem.
Corden’s just trying to get as much attention as he can during his 15 mins of fame before he disappears. Patrick Stewart is a living legend, no contest.

Respect says:

James should show respect when giving awards, Patrick was right to bring it up.

If you are FAT or Not you should have respect.

So now James just shows his true colours a Fat Lazy Slob.

tiptop says:

he’s cute. Sir Patrick shows that he is a real gay body fascist… the Jonas Bros are not everyone’s perfect ideal. I think James is cute and sexy. BEAR POWER. F*ck off you fruity effete Capt Picard. Have you lost it now that the establishment gave you a title? I totally lost respect for you with this episode.