Torchwood Return Confirmed

June 8, 2010 by  
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After we saw the amazing Children of Earth mini-series, we wondered where Torchwood could go from there.

Well, after some initial concerns over whether or not the show would return, it’s now been confirmed that Captain Jack is coming back after US cable channel Starz stepped in to co-produce the new series.

There was some talk of showrunner Russell T. Davies running off to America for a while and Torchwood getting a US makeover. Thankfully, he’s changed his mind and is sticking with BBC Wales with a little help from Starz.

While the channel isn’t overflowing with cash, it does manage to produce some interesting programs – Spartacus: Blood and Sand, for example. And with the Torchwood HQ have been destroyed at the end of Children of Earth, the crew will be looking for a new home and with US producers on board, will they hop on a plane and set up in America? It’s unlikely as BBC Wales have their claws firmly into the show but it’s still a possibility.

As well as new digs, there will also be a few new faces around thanks to half the cast being killed off in the previous season and the tragic death of Ianto Jones in Children. Many fans are calling for the character of Lois Habiba to return as a regular as she was a popular addition to Children but there’s a good chance we’ll get some Americans joining the cast.

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