The Thick Of It Sweeps The Baftas

June 7, 2010 by  
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It has finally happened. Britain has collectively lowered its standards to such a shocking low that Ant & Dec have won an award for hosting something self-classified as “Feed[ing] kangaroo testicles to a glamour model�. Hopefully this succinct and depressing evaluation will cause organisers of this year’s Baftas to have a dramatic life re-assessment and contemplate killing themselves.

Deciding that awarding two of Britain’s biggest tits in history in one night wasn’t enough, Simon Cowell was then handed a gong for ‘Outstanding Achievement’. Presumably this was for monopolising the music industry and polluting the world with crap cover versions of already sub-par songs.

The night wasn’t a total loss; Julie Walters was honoured for her performance in Mo; The Thick Of It picked up a slew of awards including Best Sitcom; and Kenneth Branagh picked up a Best Actor award for his performance in Wallander.

Bearing in mind most award-based affairs exist purely to lease new PR life to a product long since past its sell by date or to further the career of a select group of stars, the Baftas made an admirable attempt at rewarding quality. However, awarding Ant & Dec for anything whatsoever is a severe blight on their record and anyone involved should be thoroughly reprimanded.