EastEnders To Re-shoot Lucas Johnson Plot

June 4, 2010 by  
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EastEnders has announced a last minute decision to re-shoot aspects of the Lucas Johnson storyline following the recent discovery of several murdered prostitutes in Bradford.

The preacher – played by Don Gilet – was due to be seen picking up a prostitute called Jade in the red light district before driving her to a quiet location and forcing her to pray for redemption. In a bizarre mirroring of real-life events, Johnson was then going to strangle the woman with his tie after she tries to escape his grasp.

In light of the recent murder investigation that has seen PhD student Stephen Griffiths plastered over the headlines, bosses have decided to err on the side of caution and avoid potentially upsetting any viewers.

Insiders said: “EastEnders storylines are written many months in advance and any similarity to real life events is coincidental.

“However, on this occasion, to ensure we do not cause distress to the families involved in the recent tragic events in Bradford we have decided to re-shoot some parts of the storyline involving Lucas Johnson.?