Coronation Street Review: Shot In The Dark

June 4, 2010 by  
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To say that Corrie usually specialises in slow- burning storylines is something of an understatement (we still don’t know who the father of Molly’s baby is and her affair with Kevin began nearly a year ago). But tonight’s episode is an excellent little potboiler which judders brilliantly between Gail’s court case and Tony’s siege of the underworld with Maria Conner’s return the icing on the cake.

Following his rather low-key escape from captivity, Tony Gordon has returned to the street and is holding Hayley and Carla hostage, apparently for no other reason than than to satisy his utterly psychotic tendancies. Why bother trying to flee the country when you can torture one of the most harmless women on television and your ex-wife?

“You don’t realise how ugly you are,” Carla tells Tony. “You’re just an under-endowed Scotch psycho!” Someone really should have told the Engsh ITV producers that scotch is a drink and no way to refer to a nation of people, but otherwise the dialogue is refreshingly sharp. Just a few minutes later, Tony tells his accomplice (James Fleet struggling unsuccessfully to be menacing before reverting to Dibley type) that he is “a witless perv, which is why your search for love is conducted exclusively on line”. He accepts this judgement without protest.

Meanwhile across at Manchester Crown Court, David is taking to the stand as the case against his mother mounts. Things don’t go too well. “I know she’s innocent but after that she looks very guilty!” says Audrey. When your own mother says that you have to worry what the jury will be thinking. Her lawyer is pretty rubbish though – Sean Tully would probably have done a better job.