Corrie To Air Alternative Ending

June 4, 2010 by  
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Coronation Street has gone a bit avant-garde and planned a peculiar twist for the outcome of Gail McIntyre’s trial. To keep fans hanging on Corrie bosses have announced they’ve filmed two alternative endings; one where she’s guilty and one where she’s not. It sounds like an art installation rather than a soap-opera but it has certainly got fans talking.

Accused of murdering her husband Joe it remains to be seen whether Gail will be convicted or not. Viewers will be able to view both verdicts online after Thursday’s episode.

In the wake of a failed insurance scam her husband is found drowned which leads to her imprisonment as the evidence mounts up against her.

Things aren’t looking good for the haggard mother – played by Helen Worth – thanks to fellow cellmate (and murderer) Tracey Barlow who tells the court Gail confessed her crime in private. The jury are unaware that in exchange for this information Tracey has been granted permission to be moved to an open prison, perhaps colouring her memory somewhat.

The ending that’s been used will air on Monday June 7th on ITV1.