Kylie To Return Down Under

June 1, 2010 by  
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Rumours abound that Kylie Minogue is being lured back into the Neighbours lair for the show’s 6,000th episode sparking mass hysteria amongst fans.

The gossip has sprung from Alan Fletcher – otherwise known as Dr Karl Kennedy – who is reported as saying producers are in direct negotiation with Kylie.

The pop singer left the soap 22 years ago after playing the mechanic Charlene Robinson. The episode where she got married to Jason Donovan generated a whopping 20 million viewers in the UK alone.

If the star does return she would join a list of ex-cast members making cameo appearances for the show due to be screened in October.

Kylie told the Sun: “Charlene would screech up in her souped-up Mini, which she’s been working on all the time. It could be hilarious.”

Kylie Minogue is looking good with her bottom and legs at 42. She is gorgeous and sweet. I hope I can see one of her shows in the near future.