Calls For Return Of Big Brother Live Feed

June 1, 2010 by  
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Could this year’s series of Big Brother see the return of the 24/7 live feed? Davina McCall has expressed interest in reinstating the live stream to please fans of the show which is facing the axe this year.

The plug was pulled on the live feed in 2008 with Channel 4 bosses citing a rapid decline in viewing figures despite fans petitioning for its return.

Davina told Heat magazine: “I want the housemates to have the time of their lives.?

She further added: “And as a viewer, I want the live streaming back. We didn’t have it last year and I really missed it. I’d also like to see us have a major presence on the web.”

The show is 11 years old this year and will leave a massive gap in the schedules next year. It remains to be seen how Channel 4 bosses plan to deal with such a significant absence.

We had the live feed last year in the USA. I’m surprised you didn’t have it in the UK. The live stream is what Big Brother is all about…