Genius Of Britain: Nerd Alert

May 31, 2010 by  
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GENIUS OF BRITAIN: Monday 31st May, Channel 4, 9pm ALERT ME

This new series has been celebrating the best of British in terms of our historical significance within the scientific community.

A bunch of scientists, engineers and zoologists present tonight’s episode that covers the explorations and discoveries made by James Watt, Joseph Priestly and Joseph Banks.

Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking provides an introduction but the show is really stolen by David Attenborough, whose charisma and grandfatherly onscreen presence make him a pleasure to watch as he describes the exploits of Joseph Banks.

The science presented covers the discovery of Oxygen, journeys around the world, vaccination and the industrial revolution. Important points in our country’s history but as we all know from school science lessons, without cool visuals and bunsen burners you can melt your pen on, science can be pretty uninteresting.

Though each segment is filled with well edited footage and a wealth of information, the show is a little dry on the entertainment side. The presenters, Jim Al-Khalili, Richard Dawkins and James Dyson lack the warmth that Attenborough radiates thus their presenting style is as dry as a digestive biscuit – tasty but will ultimately crumble.

Science based shows can be exceedingly dull and this one fares slightly better than most but the casual viewer may find that they get a little sleepy at the mid-way point.