Bear Grylls Urban Survivor Review: Concrete Jungle

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Apparently Edward Michael Grylls is bored of drinking his own p**s and dragging some poor cameraman through the isolated environs of wherever, so this week he will be surviving in an ‘urban wasteland’. He’s talking about a disused Polish dock yard by the way – not Hull.

“This is what London might look like after an event like 9/11!” says Britain’s chief Scout as he performs a few utterly frivolous forward rolls on the roof of some warehouse. Well maybe Grylls, except that there would probably be a lot less munching of woodlice and a bit more looting of Argos.

As it turns out, our survival boffin spends an awful lot of time coming up with several progressively more elaborate ways in and out of the same building, before finding an abandoned Skoda to spend the night in. After four series, we can appreciate that he’s simply trying to find a new challenge, but when you know he can just walk out of the front gate of said industrial estate, the tension of surviving inside it is somewhat lost.

On a personal note, I have to say I was disappointed that Grylls failed in his attempts to catch a rat. Surely the rat is the wiliest inhabitant of our lovely little planet, so after snaring a host of bumpkin animals who had probably never seen a human before in previous episodes, I thought this was his chance to prove himself against a creature from the streets, a clued up survivor like himself. Poor show Grylls.

Xxxxx X. Xxx says:

Where was these filmed?!?

glen says:

he does catch his own food, if he doesnt….he states so, in the episode

TheDude says:

Grylls has never caught anything in any of his shows. The crew provides everything called for in the script. The usual practice of obtaining an animal from a pet shop or local farmer would be against the law in Poland so no pet shop rats were harmed in the filming of this episode.