Location, Location, Location Review: Housing Hell

May 27, 2010 by  
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LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION: Thursday 27th May, Channel 4, 8pm ALERT ME

When are Kirstie and Phil finally going to bump uglies? OK, they’re both married but wouldn’t this be one of the most satisfying telly pairings ever?

Watching the two of them romping around the countryside rennovating houses together would probably be a better show than the current series of Location, Location, Location. Only a select few are really going to get their kicks from this show and half of those people are estate agents and property developers – the rest just can’t find the remote.

The show is relevant for the times with a lot of people out there struggling with the housing market but not even Kirstie and Phil’s casual flirtations can pique my interest anymore.

This week, two ex-servicemen and their wives are looking for houses in Hampshire but it soon becomes clear that even though these men have seen combat, the women wear the trousers around the house. Although the program is primarily about the property market, the relationships between the potential buyers are explored and what they want from a home says more about them than they realise.

Ian is a soldier whose time in the army is over and he’s moving out of his army digs to live full time with wife Di. This will be the first time they’ve lived with each other for longer than four months and Di is ready to make a real go of it, wanting Ian’s three kids to feel at home.

But will Di’s need for a lot of space be an obstacle? More importantly, will you care? As much human interest as there is here, the show is dull, relatively uninformative and stale in both content and style.

I really want to like this show as Kirstie and Phil are fame-for-a-laugh presenters but even their cheeky banter can’t inject some spice into this show.