BBC Won’t Air Sherlock Holmes Pilot

May 27, 2010 by  
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The BBC’s new Sherlock Holmes series won’t include the pilot episode.

According to reports in The Sun, the Beeb will be showing the three-part series but won’t include the pilot which reportedly cost £800,000 to produce. There’s a recession on, dontcha know?

A source told The Sun that, “It must have been a real stinker. BBC One controller Jay Hunt and drama head Ben Stephenson felt the pilot didn’t work so ordered the changes. The crew couldn’t just re-use footage because the series is now totally different.

The stories are now more intricate and detailed, so they basically had to start again.”

Does this obscene amount of money count as reckless spending though? They had originally intended to air the episode but apparently the road to inflated budgets is paved with unaired pilots. Sherlock stars Office actor Martin Freeman and is created by Doctor Who’s Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat but even that wasn’t enough to sway the BBC into showing the episode.

A spokesperson from the Beeb defended the decision in a statement. “As with the rest of the industry, we occasionally use pilots to experiment with the best ways of telling stories. As a result of this pilot we commissioned a series of three 90-minute episodes.”

Pilots are always different from the rest of the series but not too many other shows are dropping their first episodes. Shame on the BBC or not – drop a comment down below.

Charlie says:

I think if it wasn’t very good we can forgive them 😉
I know that if they made loads of episodes, there is more chance loads will be rubbish however three? THREE?
More not till next year?!
*.* My Sherlock dose is not satisfied xD

newman says:

happens all over the place, millions and millions go into unaired productions, more so in America.

I think its called development.


hope the series is as good as it looks