Will Madonna Replace Cowell On Idol?

May 25, 2010 by  
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Simon Cowell will be moving on from American Idol at the end of the current season and already the names are coming in for his replacement.

After the addition of US comedienne Ellen DeGeneres to the judging panel, things became a bit more tense on Idol as Simon and Ellen clashed several times over contestants. Now according to the Sun, Madonna is on the top of co-creator Simon Fuller’s wishlist of people to fill Simon’s slightly heeled shoes.

A source told the newspapers that, “Simon is going to leave a gaping hole. Not only is he an expert, he’s also a big star in the States.”

“Everyone agrees Madge would be great and they want her as a full-time judge. But if that fails they’d at least like her as a mentor.”

Madonna would be an amazing addition to the show as not only would her musical expertise be a huge asset to the contestants but she’d boost the ratings which are currently at an all-time low. But the question is, would she be able to commit to a weekly schedule? More importantly, can the show afford her?

Simon’s sad to say goodbye but not down enough to miss the chance to take a dig at Ellen. He’s said that he wants his replacement to be someone who “actually knows what they’re talking about”. Ouch.