Ofcom Rejects Complaints Over Corrie Lesbian Kiss

May 25, 2010 by  
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The lesbian kiss between Sacha Parkinson and Brooke Vincent on Coronation Street has been cleared of breaking Ofcom rules after receiving a smattering of complaints from members of the public.

Despite only garnering 10 complaints from sub-mental homophobes, Ofcom were forced to investigate the episode to ensure that the ‘controversial’ scenes complied with their regulation codes regarding sexual material.

The characters – both of whom are of a consenting age – shared a brief kiss before inevitable melodrama broke up the embrace on April 23rd. Hopefully this ruling will persuade less enlightened viewers that lesbians do actually exist and deserve inclusion on TV screens.

History does unfortunately have a habit of repeating itself so Ofcom should be braced to receive more complaints when yet another soap jumps on the gay bandwagon. Perhaps The Archers could boost their listenership with a rural romp and thus secure enough controversy to merit more public outrage.